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ADA and Access to Public and Private Non-Residential Facilities and Programs

Program Description

Under the current administration, the development and adoption of new federal accessibility guidelines, regulations, and standards have come to a near standstill.  States have continued to adopt additions and changes to their requirements, and the A117.1 Committee has issued its latest version. Based on expansive research from the IDEA Center in Buffalo and other sources, the new A117.1 Standard contains the most far-reaching changes in that document in decades. This highly interactive advanced...

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Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate

Innovation in Action

At Harvard GSD Executive Education, industry and academia's foremost leaders join with accomplished design and real estate professionals from around the world. In this setting, complex challenges are addressed and innovative solutions are created. In our dynamic learning environment, you emerge with practical insights and valuable lessons that can be put into action, right away. You will return to your company transformed and ready to identify, frame, and address your...

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Find, Create, Operate: The Hotel Project Development Lifecycle

Program Description

Global tourism is a two trillion dollar industry that has experienced steady growth over the past five years and is expected to continue, and the importance of where all these travelers stay has never been more relevant. Aimed at helping developers and architects who want to enter this large and growing market, or established veterans looking to diversify beyond their traditional strengths, this program will help participants understand the unique process...

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Future Cities: Re-imagining Our Communities in the Age of Digital Disruption

Program Description

The city of the future is digital, environmental, and socially friendly. This is the time to prepare and take advantage of the possibilities. The opportunities are endless.

Cities--new and old, large and small-- are looking for ways to differentiate themselves in these rapidly changing times. Environmental and social externalities, technology and innovation will serve as the catalyst for economic growth, enhanced security, improved sustainability and next-generation experiences, thereby changing the way...

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Healthy Buildings

Program Description

The green building movement is quickly becoming the healthy building movement, leaving many questions for the market that this course will answer. What is a healthy building, anyway? What is the evidence that healthy buildings boost human performance? How do you define, measure, and track productivity and performance? The green building movement had certification systems like LEED and BREEAM – what are current Healthy Building certification systems and...

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Integrated Project Management

Program Description

Project Management is a core skill for every successful architect, consultant, contractor, or project owner. In today’s competitive and recessionary environment, creating success requires a comprehensive approach that is beyond Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), LEAN, Construction Management (CM), and other delivery methods. This three-day program will address the need for a broader, holistic, effective, and efficient leadership to manage resources, teams...

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International Real Estate Strategies and Deal Negotiation

Program Description

Understanding how cross border real estate works will allow us to create successful strategies and take advantage of arbitrage situations between different economies. Real estate is a highly cyclical industry. Every day, developers make vital decisions that can have profound effects in the success or failure of our investments. To make it even more difficult, the life of real estate investments is longer than other industries; therefore it is much more important to understand how real estate cycles work...

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Leadership and Climate Change

Program Description

We will examine how private leaders can change the world, minimize risk, and find opportunities in the complex challenges that climate change poses, in a two-day program convening leaders from around the world. Participants will leave this program with a leadership toolkit that can be implemented at a variety of scales.

Note that this program description it not final; it will be updated in the early Spring.

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Master Planning: The Resilient City

Program Description

Today, cities across the world are shaped by new forms of urbanism, a growing awareness of environmental challenges, and evolving cultural identities. The focus of this two-day program is on developing a broader understanding of how the master planner or designer’s skills contribute to more resilient cities and futures. Panel discussions, field work and interactive activities will explore environmental, economic, and social issues.

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