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Leadership and Design Thinking

Program Description

Leadership and Design Thinking is an intensive leadership development program tailored for senior leaders challenged with leading teams, organizations, and whole communities towards “better solutions designed in better ways.” Leadership and Design Thinking will allow you to explore, learn, and experience the theory and practice of Design Thinking, and to embed its relevant aspects in your own personal leadership practice.

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Learning Environments for Tomorrow: Next Practices for Educators and Architects

Program Description

Learning Environments for Tomorrow (LEFT) will explore four key themes emerging as defining elements of 21st century education: collaboration; technology; engagement; and sustainability. Through a research-based understanding of current and emerging best practices, participants will work with Harvard faculty and leading practitioners to envision how school buildings can most effectively support learning in the coming decade and beyond.

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Master Planning: The Resilient City

Program Description

Today, cities across the world are shaped by new forms of urbanism, a growing awareness of environmental challenges, and evolving cultural identities. The focus of this two-day program is on developing a broader understanding of how the master planner or designer’s skills contribute to more resilient cities and futures. Panel discussions, field work and interactive activities will explore environmental, economic, and social issues.

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NCI Charrettes + Design Thinking

Program Description

The key to solving complex problems is collaboration. This program merges the NCI Charrette System with Design Thinking to offer an advanced collaborative innovation process. You will learn to activate the unique creative potential of all stakeholders as they engage in creating a transformative plan. Whether you are working on a community design, public policy, or a company’s strategic plan, this course will equip you with a flexible, yet replicable, systematic...

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Real Estate Development Fundamentals

Program Description

This two-day program is an excellent introduction to real estate development for entrepreneurs just starting in the business or joining an existing real estate development team, and for professionals adjacent to the real estate development business to enhance their understanding. During the program, we will cover all of the steps of the real estate development process, using examples from many asset types at many scales from all over the world.

Real Estate Finance Fundamentals

Program Description

This two-day program will present critical "nuts-and-bolts" real estate finance principles and practices in a simple, understandable, and interactive manner that will demystify the real estate financing process ─ regardless of participants’ prior real estate finance experience. We will focus on real estate finance fundamentals to either develop and invest in varied types of real estate assets, or to enhance your ability to understand how real estate finance fundamentals relate to your primary design,...

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Real Estate Management: Finance, Design, and Leadership

Program Description

As economic conditions improve and the pace of development accelerates, forward-thinking real estate leaders must position their firms to seize new growth opportunities and maximize asset values. With the Real Estate Management Program, you'll discover ways to lead your real estate organization through periods of market and industry change, examine land valuation and market demand, and manage projects across vendors, suppliers, and capital sources.

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Residential Design for Health and Longevity

Program Description

Can interior design promote a lifestyle that leads to health and longevity? Can it be proactive—preventing future disability while respecting and eliminating existing disability? And, as the baby boomer generation worldwide begins to retire, how will we meet the growing demand for aging in place? This program offers the best of residential universal design—a look at some innovative products and the most forward-thinking projects, as well as the latest...

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The American House: Urban Homes

Program Description

Friction between architects and interior designers on residential projects is common, but the best houses are the result of a successful collaboration between the two. This program will explore the relationship between architects and interior designers, including how each sees the other as part of the process, interiors designed in-house versus independent consultants, areas of distinct responsibility and overlap, and managing the client’s expectations. Instructors include nationally recognized...

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