Prof. Bing Wang on COVID-19’s impact on the real estate sector: “Will the pandemic force us to recognize that our built environment is ill-prepared for emergencies?”

The crisis brought about by the coronavirus has utterly paralyzed the normal functioning of society on a global scale. It has intensified underlying social, economic, and political tensions and has accelerated preexisting trends. The fragility of the public health infrastructure in many countries around the world has become evident. Read full article >>


Prof. Rahul Mehrotra delivers TED Talk on "The architectural wonder of impermanent cities"

Every 12 years, a megacity springs up in India for the Kumbh Mela religious festival -- what's built in ten weeks is completely disassembled in one. What can we learn from this fully functioning, temporary settlement? In a visionary talk, urban designer Rahul Mehrotra explores the benefits of building impermanent cities that can travel, adapt or even disappear, leaving the lightest possible footprint on the planet.


WGBH-PBS News Hour features Prof. Ali Malkawi and HouseZero

Take a look inside "the most energy-efficient building in the world," designed by Professor Ali Malkawi, founding director of the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities.


Prof. Bing Wang discusses AI and Big Data at the ULI  Asia Pacific Leadership Convivium

(5/6/2019) “Big data and AI can dramatically facilitate our capacity to predict what would happen to real estate values.”  Associate Professor in Practice of Real Estate and the Built Environment and GSD Executive Education Faculty Co-Chair Bing Wang recently discussed her research on data modeling for real estate price movements and urban foot traffic at the Urban Land Institute's Asia Pacific Leadership Convivium in Shenzhen, China. Her cutting-edge research has recently won the 2018 Best Manuscript Prize (sponsored by NAIOP) and 2016 Best Paper Prize from the American Real Estate Society.