Anthony Fettes

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Landscape Ecologist
Sasaki Associates, Inc.

Anthony Fettes, Landscape Ecologist, Sasaki Associates, Inc., is an experienced land stewardship and field ecology professional with over twelve years of combined experience in habitat restoration, ecosystem monitoring, and landscape architecture.  Drawing upon his diverse background, he plays a critical role in Sasaki’s interdisciplinary practice collaborating with landscape architects and allied professionals on a daily basis; helping project teams advance their understanding of natural processes and potential impacts across a project site, watershed, and eco-regional context.  With experience on over 60 local, domestic, and international projects, he is engaged in ecological and regenerative aspects of both landscape and master planning efforts, helping project teams foster a more holistic design approach in working with a site.  While pursuing his Master of Landscape Architecture degree at the University of New Mexico, Anthony was involved with the New Mexico Natural Heritage Program, contributing to the vegetation inventory and monitoring projects of numerous National Parks and Monuments throughout New Mexico and western Texas.