Barbara Brown Wilson

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Center for Sustainable Development in School of Architecture

Barbara Brown Wilson, Ph.D., director, Center for Sustainable Development, The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, oversees the research, educational and community outreach programs at the CSD. Her background in organizational development and facilitation inform her work administering the many projects underway at the CSD. Wilson has a Ph.D. in Community and Regional Planning and a Masters in Architectural History from UT, and her research interests include value-based building codes, sustainable community development and green affordable housing. Her current research includes an action-oriented research project extending the work of the Alley Flat Initiative to develop integrated codes for green, affordable infill development in Austin with Dr. Steven Moore, conducting project evaluation for the Texas Rapid Housing Recovery Pilot Project, and working with the SEED Network to build an inclusive platform for socially-oriented green building assessment systems. Wilson also serves as co-director of the Central Texas Sustainability Indicators Project, a joint project of the CSD and Hahn, Texas. She is co-founder of the Austin Community Design and Development Center (ACDDC), a nonprofit design center that provides high quality green design and planning services to lower income households and the organizations that serve them. Wilson has published articles in both academic and mainstream venues, such as the Journal of Urban Studies (Vol. 46, no. 12, Nov. 2009) and Expanding Architecture: Design as Activism (Metropolis Books, 2008), and her research is informed by her work on the board of directors for ACDDC, Design Corps, and the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service.


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