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Qroe Farm Preservation Development

David Hamilton is a Principal of Qroe Farm Preservation Development. Trained as an architect, his completed projects range from award-winning office interiors to hospitality, multifamily housing and large-scale campus-planning for healthcare and university clients. Professionally, Mr. Hamilton's interest is the alignment of economic and social goals through the close coordination of finance and design. His recent work has focused on strategies for pairing for-profit land development with sustainable agriculture and conservation. For the past five years, Mr. Hamilton has served as Project Manager of Bundoran Farm, in Charlottesville, Virginia, a 2,300 acre historic farm whose ecological assets, historic estates, agricultural operations, pastures, orchards and managed forests have been permanently protected in the context of modest for-profit residential development. He currently serves as Policy Director of the Baldwin Center for Preservation Development, a non-profit fostering discussion of new models of farming, conservation and rural development. With Professor Peiser, he is co-author of Professional Real Estate Development, and he is a frequent contributor to professional and policy debates surrounding exurban sprawl and farmland loss.


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