David A. Smith

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Founder and CEO
Affordable Housing Institute (AHI)

DAVID A. SMITH is the founder and CEO of the Affordable Housing Institute (AHI), which develops sustainable housing financial ecosystems worldwide. With more than 30 years' direct experience in affordable housing, Mr. Smith uniquely combines the roles of practitioner and theoretician, participant and policymaker. AHI and Mr. Smith have advised the likes of the World Bank, USAID, The Gates Foundation, The Rockafeller Foundation and The African Banking Association. His work as an international housing finance policy advisor/ program developer encompasses projects on Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Ireland, Kenya, Middle East, Panama, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Turkey, and United Kingdom, and he is a much sought-after speaker on affordable housing issues around the world. In the USA, David provides high-quality analysis to the US Congress, and was a principal member of the 1996 US Senate mark-to-market working group. A 1975 Harvard graduate, he is an award-winning author with more than 100 published articles in real estate, valuation, and policy periodicals, and a textbook.