Dennis Becker

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CEO, Principal & Senior Coaching Partner
The Speech Improvement Company, Inc.

Dr. Dennis Becker is a well-known speech coach and communication consultant who has over 40 years of experience in corporate, public, and private settings. He is a Principal of The Speech Improvement Company, Inc., a Boston-based firm specializing in training and coaching professionals in all aspects of communication effectiveness. His areas of expertise include: leadership/management communication, presentation skills, IPO/VC coaching, interpersonal effectiveness, conference planning & coaching, and media coaching. Dr. Becker has written a book and CD series, No Fear of Speaking, which talks about causes and controls for the fear of speaking. He has also authored a number one college text entitled Speaking Skills for Business Careers, as well as two training books titled Powerful Presentations and Customer Service and the Telephone. He is currently working on his next book on strengthening personal communication style. Dr. Becker completed his undergraduate study in speech communication and broadcasting at Emerson College in Boston, his master's work in rhetoric and public address at Emerson, and went on to his Ph.D. in media communication from The Union Graduate School in Cincinnati.


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