Eduardo Berlin

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CEO, Mapdwell LLC

Eduardo Berlin Razmilic was born in Santiago de Chile in 1974. He graduated from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and became a licensed architect in 2000. Since, and committed primarily to the private practice, his Studio developed Projects in the fields of multi- and single-family housing, apartment buildings, commercial architecture, and industrial facilities among others, with a strong bias towards Sustainability. His work has been published by numerous journals and books in Chile and around the world. His project House 2 won the 3rd prize for the Project of the Year Award, given by the prestigious portal Plataforma Arquitectura.

He obtained his Master's Degree at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design (MDesS, 2011) where he focused on Sustainable Development. In 2011, Berlin co-founded MoDe Studio, a global architectural design and development Studio based in Boston and Santiago de Chile. The Studio has an extensive portfolio of medium and large scale projects –Mixed Use Development, Residential, Office, Master Planning– with particular emphasis in architectural design, environmental engineering, and sustainable real estate development. He has been an assistant professor at Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago and a reasearcher and teaching assistant at Harvard University. In 2010 he was awarded the Edward M. Gramlich Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Community Development, granted jointly by Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies and NeighborWorks of America. His research focused on a consumer-driver model for driving sustainability in the housing realm.