L. Irene Bowen, J.D.

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Irene Bowen, J.D., is President of ADA One, LLC, and a nationally recognized ADA consultant, trainer, and speaker. Before starting her firm in 2009, she was Deputy Chief of the Disability Rights Section at DOJ, where she oversaw enforcement of the ADA and was actively involved in the development of the ADA accessibility guidelines as well as DOJ’s Title II and Title III regulations. Irene’s clients include state and local governments, colleges and universities, health care providers, other public accommodations, and a Federal agency. She teams with architectural firms and others in assisting entities with self-evaluations and transition plans, and development of cost-effective approaches to compliance. Since 2011, Ms. Bowen has authored or coauthored five ADA guides, presented internationally, and assisted in self-evaluations of Fulton County, Georgia; the City of Chicago; the City of Seattle; and several universities and health care providers.