Kathryn Bell

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Partner and Global Head of Infrastructure
The Boston Consulting Group

KATHRYN BELL is a Partner at the Boston Consulting Group. Dr. Bell has worked extensively in the corporate real estate, construction and facilities field focused on real estate optimization and workplace strategy; as well as corporate services with a focus on driving optimal operating functions to support the business process. Dr. Bell's current role as Head of Infrastructure for BCG incorporates many aspects of operations within a global enterprise including real estate and workplace strategy, travel and meeting services, procurement, and office operations. Dr. Bell is an expert advisor in workplace strategy with experience primarily as an operator but also providing advice to consulting teams as they support clients in driving business value–specifically how to leverage the space, service, and technology provided to a workforce to best meet their needs and drive engagement and performance. Her experience includes: Driving space rationalization for her own organization, as well as providing expert advice to clients to reduce cost by up to 40%; Defining space operating procedures in order to ensure this strategic asset is used to its fullest while also driving productivity and engagement of the space and service consumer; Implementing a multinational, low cost service delivery for executive support, travel services, and facility management operation; Operating a global facility management operation across a multinational business using outsourced strategic relationships. Prior to joining BCG, Dr. Bell worked for Accenture, leading their Corporate Services organisation of 2200 people and 15m sqft of real estate. During her time there she drove a 40% reduction in cost base for real estate and corporate services through a consolidation and operating model rationalisation; as well as building and operating a real estate portfolio for the 80,000 person workforce in India and Asia. Dr. Bell holds a PhD and Masters hons degree in Construction project management from Heriot Watt University in the United Kingdom, as well as a BSc Hons in Electrical Engineering from Southampton University, United Kingdom.


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