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Lou Zacharilla is Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum, New York NY. After a career in advertising, where his work included the award-winning “Be All You Can Be” campaign for the US Army and corporate sponsorship development for the 1984 Winter Olympics, Louis Zacharilla began consulting in 1983 with B2B companies in telecommunications, real estate, and industrial applications on public relations, brand, and business development issues. Mr. Zacharilla is a frequent speaker and moderator at conferences including the annual Satellite and NAB conventions, the annual Pacific Telecom Council conference, ISPCON, Broadband Buildings and Commerce, Power Billing! and the Ontario Investment Services Luncheon. He also writes frequently on business development, teleports, information systems and commercial real estate for publications including Municipal World, Continental, the in-flight magazine, New York Real Estate Journal, Real Estate Weekly, Document Processing Technology, Enterprise Systems Journal and Information Executive. He is an adjunct professor at Fordham University in New York, where he teaches a course on marketing and the media each year.  He holds a Master's Degree from the University of Notre Dame.


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