Louis Minicucci

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Founder and President
MINCO Corporation

Lou Minicucci, AMDP Alumnus, is Founder and President of Minco Development Corporation. He started his career in real estate developing subsidized multi-family housing. Through his work with the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, he became known for building projects on time and on budget. In the early 1980s Mr. Minicucci started Minco Development Corporation--a commercial real estate company providing consulting services to lenders, investors, government and municipal agencies, as well as buyers and sellers. In addition Mr. Minicucci continued to develop commercial properties. In the past twelve years Mr. Minicucci has developed over 1,000 units of housing in both New England and Southeast Florida. He earned his MBA at Suffolk University and is a Harvard alumnus, completing his studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate. He has served on numerous committees and boards including the hospital building committee, Chamber of Commerce (chair), United Way (chair), School Building Committee (chair), Stoneham Bank (incorporator), Harvard GSD Executive Education Board (member) and Boys’ Club and YMCA (board member).


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