Margaux Morenas

People Page - Title - Margaux Morenas

Senior Analyst
Affordable Housing Institute

Margaux Morenas is an Analyst and supports AHI’s consulting and research work in focusing on housing policy solutions and housing value-chain analysis.

Since her arrival at AHI in January 2018 as part of her end-of-studies internship, Margaux has Collaborated on a variety of projects in South Africa, Guinea, Papua New Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the US. From housing microfinance to housing market diagnosis, Margaux has been involved in a large spectrum of consulting activities. Her current work focuses on developing a housing market and policy analysis for Papua New Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Margaux graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and African Studies and recently obtained her Master’s degree from the Urban School of Sciences Po Paris. During her studies, Margaux developed a strong interest in urban governance and informality. She further specialized in housing and urban planning policies in African and Middle Eastern cities.

Prior to AHI, Margaux completed internships at the French Cultural Institute in Bostwana and the Delegation of the European Union in Namibia for a year. As part of her Master’s degree, Margaux was introduced to the consultancy professional environment when she carried out a 6-months mission for a multi-disciplinary firm based in Paris and specialized in urban project design. Margaux developed policy recommendations focused on Smart Cities and data governance in the Middle East.

Margaux loves traveling and discovering new places, especially in new urban environments. She speaks French, English and Portuguese.