Michael H. Peters

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President, Emergent Development Company
President and CEO, Architekton Resources LLC

MICHAEL H. PETERS, is President and CEO of Architekton Resources and Illuminate WiFi, Washington, DC and Knoxville, TN, as well as President of a new endeavor, Emergent Development, in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Michael is also a partner for Brenz Pizza Company at the University of TN, Duke University, Ohio State University, UNC Chapel Hill, the University of Maryland, and others. He has helped build organizations in real estate development, technology, manufacturing, construction, and retail, as well as communities, careers, forging the ideas for multiple patents in laser use, typesetting, anti-fraud security document features, software, and technological innovations across disciplines and industries and Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years. Currently, he is engaged in both development and technology projects in Baltimore City, Washington DC, Anacostia, and Northern Virginia, developing mixed-use, multifamily, affordable, workforce, market rate, and historic redevelopment, RAD, LIHTC, and design-based New Urban planning. He owns NIMBY.com, as well as NEMBY.com, technological and psychological charrette and presentation tools trademarked, patented, and under development: "New Enhancements for My Back Yard." Priorities always involve the duality of leveraging economic development and technology to create generational solutions for underserved communities, such as free community Gigabit WiFi propagated on platforms such as LED streetlights, cutting edge education, and job creation. Michael has a mechanical engineering degree from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, with emphasis in physics, electrical engineering, computer science, technology, civil engineering, and finance. His Harvard background includes the Advanced Management Development Program (AMDP) of the GSD, and the Real Estate Management Program (REM) of GSD/HBS.