Roger Hallowell

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Affiliated Professor of Strategy
HEC Paris

Roger Hallowell is Affiliated Professor of Strategy at HEC, Paris.  His career is dedicated to working with executives on issues of strategic concern to their organizations.  He was previously a managing partner at the Center for Executive Development and a professor at Harvard Business School, where he conducted research from 1991 through 2003.  Mr Hallowell has designed and delivered customized executive education programs throughout North America, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East.  He also facilitates executive meetings and speaks at conferences. Mr. Hallowell’s academic work focuses on leadership of organizations wanting to increase the value they deliver to customers, often through service.  His projects are designed to help executives and senior managers enhance their leadership abilities, including their ability to design and implement change.  He is an authority on strategic initiatives with the goal of simultaneous cost reduction and quality improvement. Mr. Hallowell’s career began as a banker on Wall Street and includes two senior management positions in industry.  He has authored numerous papers and written more than 60 case studies on organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia, including three HBS best-sellers.  He advises private equity firms on their investments in the service sector.  Mr. Hallowell has an AB from Harvard College (1984) and an MBA and Doctorate from Harvard Business School.