Steve Chinosi

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Chief Innovation Officer
Newton Public Schools

Steve Chinosi is an architect of experience and the Chief Innovation Officer of Newton Public Schools. He has spent the last 20 years guiding students up mountains, down rivers, across Shakespeare, and beyond biodiesel. Curriculum innovation drives the core of Chinosi's instructional practice. He started his teaching career as a mountain guide and spent his first ten years in a classroom translating all he learned as a guide into his literature classes. Curiously, it was students in his English class that inspired him to develop the award-winning, internationally recognized “Greengineers.” The program is a design lab on a mission. It is also a collaborative STEAM think-tank (formerly known as a 'class') that integrates art, chemistry, engineering, physics, economics, finance, design, and industrial safety. The curriculum innovation hinges on the creation of environments that support “Solution-Centered Learning with Student-Centered Solutions.” Currently, the Greengineers support similar programs in schools across North America and the world. The success of the Greengineers led to the creation of the Office of Ingenuity, an educational design lab. The Office of Ingenuity gathers community expertise with the curiosity of the best students and most innovative faculty. The Office of Ingenuity is a conceptual and physical space designed to re-imagine, explore, and create ecosystems of opportunity for schools and the communities they serve.