Tarek Rakha

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PhD candidate, School of Architecture + Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tarek Rakha is a PhD candidate at MIT. His research interests include building science, energy efficiency, performance simulation, sustainability, generative design, computation and optimization.

Tarek is an Architect; he received a B.Sc. in 2007 and a M.Sc. in 2010 from Cairo University, Egypt. His Master's thesis presented a process that utilized genetic algorithms to find form according to performance. He published a paper in Renewable Energy journal, and a publication that was granted best student paper award in the ICCCBE2010.

Prior to his move to MIT, he was an assistant lecturer and researcher at the American University in Cairo. He taught in a number of courses, ranging from advanced CAAD to a Hi-tech design studio. He also joined the “Integrated Desert Building Technologies” research project as part of the daylighting group. Team publications were featured in conferences such as PLEA2011, and an article was recognized as best paper in the area of low-energy architecture at the Renewable Energy Conference 2010.

Tarek's doctorate work at MIT focuses on developing simulation tools and metrics for architects and urban designers to assess the walkability and bikeability of neighborhoods, with emphasis on outdoor thermal comfort.


MIT School of Architecture + Planning