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Wendi Goldsmith is founder and CEO of Bioengineering Group, a Salem, MA-based firm whose mission statement is "Building Sustainable Communities on an Ecological Foundation." She has been a pioneer in the field of ecological restoration and the application of sustainability principles to site planning, development, and resource management. Wendi has led R&D programs for DOD developing methods for evaluating and optimizing renewable energy and efficient and resilient infrastructure and building and site design. Her roles span planning of large scale infrastructure projects, as well as multi-state watershed management and restoration projects, and design of stabilization and ecological enhancement treatments for riparian sites compromised by solid and hazardous waste. She played a lead role on the planning, design, and program management of the $14-billion post-Katrina Hurricane Storm Damage Risk Reduction System, the first regional-scale climate adapted infrastructure system in the US. She facilitates interdisciplinary collaborative design teams in adopting effective climate change adaptation strategies, serving as co-convener of a June 2012 NATO Advanced Research conference on the topic, hosted in Iceland. Recognized with many awards for business success, for promoting STEM to girls and women, for sustainable design, and for environmental engineering, the firm is recognized for 20 years of leadership in sustainable design. A hallmark of its projects is stewardship and creative use of onsite resources, delivering triple bottom line value. Wendi is a graduate of Yale University, where she earned degrees in Geology & Geophysics and Environmental Studies.


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