Rob Ciampitti, Partner/Co-Founder | Liberty Law

Robert Ciampitti

As co-founding attorney of a Boston & Newburyport, MA based boutique real estate law firm, Rob Ciampitti has spent over 20+ years representing a diversity of lenders, investors, developers, buyers & sellers of commercial & residential real estate (from permitting & planning to private financing, development, corporate structure & innovative deal-strategy). For the past 20 years, Rob has served on the Newburyport Zoning Board of Appeals where he is currently the Board’s Chairman.

A licensed pilot since 1989, attorney Ciampitti also holds a Private Pilot’s License with an Instrument Rating and shares his passion for aviation with his family, flying for pleasure as well as for business – and is currently completing FAA training toward his Commercial Pilot’s License.

Program Interview


You recently took International Real Estate and Deal Negotiations. Why did you decide to take that as your elective for the AMDP, and how was your experience?

I negotiate for a living, and I selected this program in the hopes that the experience would make me better at what I already feel I do professionally. I could not have fully imagined just how powerful and practical this experience would be for me. I think IRES is the perfect 4-day Harvard Executive Elective course for anyone who wishes to renovate and amplify their negotiation skills and strategies. A true Master Class!


You have now completed two terms (out of three) of the AMDP. How has your experience been? And what would you say to someone considering the program?

When I first considered the year-long AMDP Program at Harvard GSD, it was before COVID. I was having dinner with a fellow developer, law client and mentor. As we casually chatted & waited for our meals, I recall his instant tone shift as he mentioned (with reverence and moment) his “time at Harvard.” I was instantly transfixed by his description of himself having completed AMDP all those years ago, even more so than his description of the program itself. I instantly imagined the new opportunity this experience might present for me in my own life & career. From that moment on, I couldn’t stop thinking about AMDP..…and didn’t stop until I completed an application to Harvard…at 49 yrs. old!


I am forever changed by this experience and driven forward feeling forever part of this AMDP Cohort, my “soon-to-be” fellow global Alumni and my Harvard community.


For the Team Project Presentations in 2022, your team was one of two (in an unprecedented tie) selected as having the best design by both the jury and your fellow AMDP cohort mates. Tell me a little bit about your experience in the Team Project.

The Team Project for me was among the most challenging things I had endeavored to be part of in my career. I find myself thinking of it as an amazing exercise in curated & orderly PANIC. I recall sitting in a meeting above the project site, listening to the technical and creative scope of this redevelopment project. As the details were revealed to us, I felt the blood leave my face as I wondered privately whether I even belonged among this group …. whether perhaps I made some MASSIVE mistake! I spent the weeks & months that followed working, struggling and bonding with my group - as we tried to assemble a coherent strategy and development plan.


This was the most “outside of my comfort zone” I have ever been in my career! The result? I am forever grateful as I will never be the same and I will never forget the new measure of bonding, empathy and confidence the Group Project experience has provided.