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    Engage with likeminded professionals, share diverse insights, and gain global perspectives

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    Renowned authors, executives, developers, architects, policy makers, government officials, and scholars from all over the globe

GSD Experience

At Harvard GSD Executive Education, industry and academia’s foremost leaders join with accomplished design and real estate professionals from around the world. In this setting, complex challenges are addressed and innovative solutions are created. In our dynamic learning environment, participants emerge with practical insights and valuable lessons that can be put into action, right away. Innovation in action--that's the GSD Experience.

Teaching Team

At Harvard GSD Executive Education, you learn from (and with) the best. In addition to distinguished Harvard faculty, our teaching teams are composed of renowned authors, executives, investors, developers, architects, policy makers, government officials, and scholars from all over the globe. The result? An unparalleled learning experience that combines groundbreaking research and valuable insights with real-world experience. Practical, tactical, and incredibly valuable--that's the GSD Experience.

Participant Mix

There are few places where you can openly engage with likeminded professionals on the important issues that impact your business, your industry, and your world. At Harvard GSD Executive Education, you will interact and exchange ideas with an elite group of colleagues. Together, you will debate game-changing developments, share diverse insights, and gain global perspectives. The bonds that you form extend far beyond the classroom, and many of your fellow participants become lifelong friends, colleagues, and in some cases, business partners. Bringing together some of the world's most successful real estate and design leaders--that's the GSD Experience.

Global Focus

We believe that broader views allow for more informed insights. That is why we collaborate with other elite schools around the globe and invite esteemed international experts to participate in our programs. It is these out-of-the-box efforts that result in distinctly compelling offerings that meet the complex needs of today’s global real estate and design professionals. Global perspectives for global leaders--that's the GSD Experience.


Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate (AMDP)


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