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AMDP | Participants

For over twenty years, the Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate (AMDP) has provided the tools and vision needed by today’s leaders in the global real estate industry. Designed for senior executives and accomplished entrepreneurs in real estate or related industries, AMDP is an intensive, transformative educational experience.

Who Should Attend

Participants come from all over the world and reflect a variety of industry sectors connected to the built environment.

The AMDP is designed for:

  • Proven leaders in their field, with many years of success in leadership roles and experience
  • Major property developers in regional, national, and international markets
  • Senior executives in the real estate investment and property management industries
  • Chiefs of public planning, economic development agencies and/or housing authorities
  • Founders or partners of successful architecture practices

Years of Experience

Pie chart showing stat distribution


Architecture / Design   11%
Construction   8%
Developer / General Management   36%
Finance / Banking / Investing   15%
Housing / Affordable Housing   7%
Law / Legal / Consulting   5%
Real Estate / Commercial / Retail   18%

Titles (may include)

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Managing Partner
  • President
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Senior Vice President
  • Principal
  • Chief Counsel
  • General Manager


World map showing percentages of participants from each region of the globe

Participant Stories

Headshot of Damien Del Toro

Damian del Toro

President | TWI

Headshot of Kristin Egan

Kristin Egan

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Headshot of Angela Han

Angela Han

Senior Director, Development | PIF Portfolio Company

Headshot of Didier Ho

Didier Ho

Principal Director | DH Architecture LTD

an image of Ariam Kesete, a confident real estate developer

Ariam Kesete

Founder and CEO | AK Development

Photo of CC Lee

CC Lee

President & CEO | STOA Architects

Headshot of Akintola Oladejo

Akintola Oladejo

Chief Executive Officer of Prestigious Homes Limited

Headshot of John Silich

John Silich

President and CEO

Headshot of Steve Tatham

Steve Tatham

Theme Park Designer

Headshot of Esther Verkay

Esther Varkay

Architect – Project Manager | IFC (International Finance Corporation)

Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate

Tuition: $49,500
Term 1: July 8-18, 2024 (two weeks)
Term 2: March 2025 dates TBD (one week)
Term 3: July 2025 dates TBD (two weeks)

Application Instructions | Brochure

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