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AMDP | Admissions | Application Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully BEFORE you begin your application.

Email Guidelines

All communication you receive from the Executive Education department will be via email. Please add [email protected] to your email address book so that your email client recognizes this email traffic and does not direct it to your spam folder. The email address you provide in the application should be one you check frequently.

Application Deadline

Admission to the AMDP is on a rolling basis, and we recommend applicants submit their application as soon as it is complete. 

June 14, 2024, is the deadline for submitting complete applications to the AMDP. 

Spaces are limited in the AMDP, and Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education reserves the right to stop accepting applications before June 14, 2024.

Candidate Requirements


Our participants typically have 15 or more years of real estate-related experience with proven success in a diverse array of leadership roles.

English Proficiency

English proficiency (spoken and written) is required. You must be able to read and discuss complex cases in English, and to engage in interactive exercises and project-based work in English with your peers. A TOEFL score of at least 100 (internet based) is recommended. Candidates whose native language is not English will speak with a member of the admissions team to verify their proficiency.


Harvard executive education programs seek diversity of professional experience to strengthen the learning environment for all. Therefore, Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education limits acceptances in any one year to a maximum of two individuals from the same organization. The admissions committee reserves the right to make exceptions for large global companies spread across multiple continents. We invite all organizations to email our admissions team about the role the AMDP can play in their professional development strategy.

  If accepted to the program: 

  • As a component of the AMDP, the Team Project provides participant teams the opportunity to prepare development plans for a real-world site. In order to explore the development program without disrupting plans and processes in the host city, the AMDP has committed to protect the confidentiality of the Project Sites.  Prior to commencement of the AMDP, participants are required to enter into a confidentiality agreement protecting the identity of the Project Site.
  • We ask accepted participants to submit a photo (headshot), short bio (200 words), and their birth date for the purposes of creating a Harvard profile/ID. 

Candidates are encouraged to apply early. A completed application package must include all the required materials listed below. Supplemental materials beyond those listed below are unnecessary in support of your application. However, additional materials may be requested after completed applications are submitted.

Application Components

There are six components to the AMDP application:

  1. Please submit your full name, contact information, and industry
  2. Completion of six short answer questions
  3. Current CV or resume
  4. 2 Letters of Recommendation
  5. Please respond to general information questions, e.g., how you learned about the program, etc.
  6. $75.00 non-refundable application processing fee

The AMDP Admissions Committee will not review partial applications.

Suggestions On Preparing for And Completing the AMDP Application

Step #1 – Provide Basic Details

In providing these details, please do not use an email address that has been used by another applicant or that does not belong to you.

Step #2 – Prepare Short Answer Questions

Prepare your answers to the following questions before you begin the online application. Answer each question thoroughly and copy/paste your answer into the online form. Each question has a 1,000-character limit.

  • In your current position, what are your primary responsibilities, and what do you find most challenging?
  • What main activities in your previous experience have led you to your current position?
  • Do you have an ownership interest in your company? Please explain and describe your actions as acting principal or key participant in recent real estate transactions.
  • Have you ever been personally obligated for significant project liabilities? If so, please briefly describe those commitments.
  • Briefly describe your leadership activities in your community, industry, or nonprofit organization.
  • In one paragraph, please explain what you expect to gain from this educational opportunity.

Step #3 – Collect Letters of Recommendation

Please provide two letters of recommendation: The first letter should be from a senior executive within your organization, a board member of your company, or an AMDP alum familiar with your work who can provide a detailed firsthand account. If you are self-employed, this letter should be from a senior executive or board member of another organization who is familiar with your accomplishments. The second letter should be from someone in a leadership capacity who has had exposure to your work over an extended period.

Letters from family members will not be accepted. Letters need to be bona fide and on formal letterhead, signed, and include the recommender’s complete contact information (name, business title, phone, email, and physical address).

Step #4 – Update Your Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Please update your CV in preparation to submit your application. In your CV, please make sure to include:

  • Details on your educational background, including all relevant educational institution names, degrees, and/or major.
  • Details on your work experience, including employment dates and basic company information (such as the number of employees, and annual revenue), 
  • A brief description, and ideally links, to projects you have worked on. 

Step #5 – Access the AMDP Online Application at the Link on This Page

  1. Submit your name, contact information, etc. 
  2. Copy and paste your answers into the appropriate spaces for the six short answer questions
  3. Upload your current CV or resume
  4. Upload your two letters of recommendation
  5. Respond to general information questions

Step #6 – Pay the $75 Non-refundable Application Fee

Review your application information. Follow instructions to pay the application fee. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of the application fee.

Final Notes

Please remember to save and continue at each stage. This will save your information allowing you to exit and re-enter to complete the application at a later date. 

Please note that the AMDP Admissions Committee only reviews fully completed applications.

If you have any questions about the application process, please call the Executive Education Office at 617.384.7214 or email us at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest in the AMDP at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate

Tuition: $49,500
Term 1: July 8-18, 2024 (two weeks)
Term 2: March 2025 dates TBD (one week)
Term 3: July 2025 dates TBD (two weeks)

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