Code of Conduct (Campus)

The Widener Library illuminated from the inside

We extend a warm welcome to the GSD community and look forward to your participation in our programs! GSD Executive Education brings together a diverse group of individuals for a short time, and as such, the guidelines we set out below are intended to establish community norms and set expectations for participant engagement, both in and out of the classroom.

A Safe and Professional Setting

We ask participants to demonstrate respect for each individualā€™s dignity and capacity to contribute, and to recognize different levels of comfort relating to gestures such as hugs, pats on the arm or back, etc. Please refrain from gestures as above, as well as comments about an individualā€™s ethnicity, gender, sexual, or political orientation.

GSD Executive Education reserves the right to remove a participant from a program in response to disruptive or disrespectful behavior towards fellow participants, faculty, or staff members.

If you are the recipient of inappropriate or sexual advances, or feel uncomfortable for any reason, please speak to a staff member.

Your Full Attendance and Participation

Our programs are highly interactive and we ask our participants to attend all sessions of a program to contribute to discussions and group work to enhance everyoneā€™s learning. Please refrain from email correspondence, text messaging, and other personal activities during class sessions. Should an urgent need arise, please step outside of the classroom to make a call. We recognize full participation in programs with a Certificate of Completion.

Confidentiality & Educational Privacy

Our classrooms are safe spaces in which we encourage professional growth and personal reflection. We ask that you hold all conversations confidential to recognize the sensitivity of othersā€™ comments.

Photography & Recording

Please refrain from taking photos, recording video or audio files, or posting the same to social media. Your co-participants have a right to educational privacy and all content displayed in the classroom is the intellectual property of instructors and GSD Executive Education. If we plan to photograph or record within the classroom, we will inform participants and seek permission.


Since we strive to foster a community of peers, participation in the classroom and activities is limited to enrolled participants only.


Please wear modest business-casual attire while attending our programs. (If your program includes a tour, we suggest wearing comfortable walking shoes and being prepared for any potential weather.)

Representing your Harvard Experience

Please describe your experience at Harvard in your curriculum vitae, LinkedIn profile, or within your organization. You are welcome to say that you attended a Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education course, and you may proudly display your Certificate of Completion. It is not appropriate to say that you studied at Harvard without qualifying the experience as an Executive Education course.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to create an inclusive and rewarding classroom experience.