The American House: Urban Homes

Program Description

Friction between architects and interior designers on residential projects is common, but the best houses are the result of a successful collaboration between the two. This program will explore the relationship between architects and interior designers, including how each sees the other as part of the process, interiors designed in-house versus independent consultants, areas of distinct responsibility and overlap, and managing the client’s expectations. Instructors include nationally recognized...

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Fair Housing, ADA, ABA, & 504 Access to Housing and Dorms

Program Description

Join a team of experienced accessibility specialists for a one-day intermediate-to-advanced workshop focused on federal accessibility laws related to residential design and construction, including the Fair Housing Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Architectural Barriers Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. With many recent lawsuits filed alleging the failure to comply with the architectural provisions of the Fair Housing Amendments Act, this more interactive session will allow participants...

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*All schedules, dates, faculty, and tuition are subject to change.