Joyce Coffee

Climate Resilience Consulting

Joyce Coffee, LEED AP, is founder and President of Climate Resilience Consulting, a certified WBE that works with clients to create practical strategies that enhance markets and communities through adaptation to climate change. Ms. Coffee is a resilience pioneer, having worked for over 200 clients to create and implement climate-related strategies, build partnerships and direct collaborative implementation of complex initiatives. She is an appointed director or chair of over 20 international or national nonprofit boards and initiatives related to resilience and social equity. She is the primary author of over two dozen resilience-related reports. She has a masters from MIT and is an appointee to their visiting committee, advising the board of trustees. She has 25 years of experience in every major sector including leadership roles in city government, and the private, nonprofit, philanthropic and academic sectors.

As president, Ms. Coffee has created resilience strategies for multiple cities and companies. She led the development of the world’s first set of climate resilience principles for the financial services industry, directed the National Equitable Climate Resilience project and co-authored the national report on the state of the climate adaptation field. She has trained hundreds of local officials and other practitioners in resilience finance.


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