Kristin Egan, Chief Operating Officer | Tirios

Kristin egan

About Tirios:

"Tirios is a Proptech Company with the mission to improve the quality of life of its members by using innovative technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning"

Program Interview

Prior to joining the AMDP in the summer of 2019, Kristin Egan was an expert in the development, operations, and programming of both seasonal and permanent ice rink facilities. She finished the AMDP in October 2021 as Chief Operating Officer for a prop-tech startup. Below is the story, in her own words, of how she got there, and how she looks back on her AMDP experience:

  • Without AMDP, I would likely still be an ice rink consultant, working on the same types of projects that I was doing a decade ago. AMDP fast-tracked me into new opportunities, and also helped me understand the true scope of my lifetime experience and how it can be applied to new industries
  • By the time Term 2 in March 2020 came around, one of my major ice rink consulting clients, Tishman Speyer, offered me a full-time position on their Asset Management team at Rockefeller Center. Aside from redeveloping the famous ice rink, I contributed to a major public realm redevelopment initiative, as well as a performance optimization project for all the Rockefeller Center operating businesses, including the iconic Rainbow Room and the Top of the Rock attraction. In this role, I began to branch out from ice rinks and into other elements of urban development/property management.
  • Prior to term 3 in October 2021, my classmate Sachin Latawa invited me to join Tirios as the Chief Operating Officer. Tirios is a Proptech Start-up focused on Single-Family Rental Sector and had launched its first product offering in Q3, 2021. Sachin approached me looking for a leader who could help the Company in expanding the operations, and at the same time, provide leadership in defining the product roadmap. I had worked with Sachin during the intense 7-month AMDP team project, and even though I didn't have any experience in Proptech or SFRs, Sachin was confident in my ability to tackle these new challenges. I am grateful to AMDP for bringing forward this exciting opportunity and empowering me with unique skillsets to succeed in my new role.