Online Code of Conduct


We extend a warm welcome to the GSD community and look forward to your participation in our events andprograms! GSD Executive Education brings together a diverse group of individuals for a short time, and as such, we offer the following guidelines to set community norms and encourage participant engagement.


A Safe and Professional Setting

We ask participants to demonstrate respect for each individual’s dignity and capacity to contribute. GSD Executive Education reserves the right to remove a participant from an event or program in response to disruptive or disrespectful behavior towards fellow participants or staff members.



Please Prepare your Technology Early 

Please make sure you are ready and comfortable to use Zoom, your device’s audio settings, and camera well before the program. To assist you, we have a number of technology resources on our website.  

Consider your Attire, Lighting, & Virtual Deskspace 

Please wear modest business-casual attire. Choose a place to sit where you have plenty of natural or overhead light on your face. Choose a muted backdrop or room view that is not a distraction to others. Position your device so that your eyes are on level with the camera lens. (Tip: You may wish to place your device on top of a stack of books.) 

Be Punctual & Engage Fully 


Please be on time, respecting that our instructors will begin on the hour, with a full agenda.

Our programs are highly interactive and we ask our participants to attend all sessions of a program to contribute to discussions and enhance everyone’s learning. Please do not multi-task during sessions, so that you are available to join paired and group exercises. (Tip: Should an urgent need arise, please use the “on a break” indication in Zoom.)

At times, our moderator may or may ask you to mute or unmute your microphone to offer you the opportunity to speak, to focus attention on the instructor(s) or another speaker, or to mitigate background noise.



Refrain from Taking Photos & Recording 


Participants may not take photos of the Zoom screen, record video or audio files, or post the same to social media. Your co-participants have a right to educational privacy and all content displayed in the classroom is the intellectual property of instructors and GSD Executive Education.

If we plan to record a session, we will inform participants and seek permission in advance.



Help Create a Safe & Confidential Learning Space 

Our virtual classrooms are safe spaces in which we encourage professional growth and personal reflection. We ask that you hold all conversations confidential to recognize the sensitivity of others’ comments, and we ask you to demonstrate respect for each individual’s dignity and capacity to contribute. 

Thank you for supporting our efforts to create an inclusive and rewarding virtual classroom experience.