Headshot of Akintola Oladejo

Akintola Oladejo is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Prestigious Homes Limited, a property development firm based out of Lagos, Nigeria. The company has completed over 300 residential and commercial housing units including Villas, Apartments and Office block. He is also the chairman of Perez Medcare Hospital, Integrated Subsea Services Limited, Prestigious Construction Limited and Prestigious Management Limited.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering and prior to starting his businesses had garnered experiences working for international companies including ExxonMobil, Schlumberger and had a stint at the Guaranty Trust Bank. Akintola attended the Harvard Business School Real Estate Management Program, before completing the AMDP in 2023. He is married to Dr Beauty Oladejo and blessed with two daughters, Miracle and Stephanie.

Akintola Oladejo

You left the following message in your final survey for the Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate (AMDP)“I joined this program at a time when my real estate development business was rapidly growing and identified a need for a more solid structure, even beyond what was considered standard in my active market. I thought the AMDP Class 23 delivered on this beyond my expectations; the contents, delivery, strategies, and networking opportunities were simply magical. I’m more confident in providing leadership to my organization and better prepared for the future. Well done.” After reading this, we are asking you a few more questions. 

In 2021, you took our joint program with Harvard Business School, Real Estate Management. Why did you sign up for the AMDP after taking Real Estate Management?

The REM program at HBS offers a wealth of information and experiences that compelled me to further deepen my real estate knowledge. AMDP presented this opportunity as a natural progression to expand on that knowledge and converse with a diverse group of international professionals working at the top of their fields within their countries and abroad. 

Nigeria is Africa’s largest country in population and GDP, with a dynamic and growing real estate sector. How would you summarize its real estate market in 2023? 

Opportunity for significant growth continues to exist in Nigeria’s market. The increasing population (200 million+), growing middle class, increase in the number of tech startups, and increase in foreign remittances and investment have all helped to jumpstart massive growth in the real estate sector. It is a dynamic market, and despite infrastructure and currency risk challenges, we are seeing a rise in demand for different real estate classes. 

How has the AMDP prepared you to face the ups and downs of the real estate cycle in Nigeria?

Lectures, workshops, and discussions at AMDP have helped shape my business strategies to successfully navigate the distinct phases of the real estate cycle: recovery, expansion, hyper-supply, and recession. I know what to look out for, where and when, and how to play. It has been a very enriching experience, thanks to all the outstanding faculty members and co-participants. I strongly recommend this program for all those seeking growth and deeper knowledge that could culminate in all-around success in their real estate ventures.