Headshot of Anthony Leighs

About Leighs Construction Limited

“Leighs was founded in 1995 with the vision for a construction and project delivery company built with integrity. Now with over two decades of experience, our dedicated and growing team has a proud history of executing diverse projects, from civil buildings to multi-million dollar workspaces, throughout New Zealand, the wider Pacific and even Antarctica.”

Anthony Leighs

Founder and Managing Director | Leighs Construction Limited

Program Interview

A recent participant of our Real Estate Development and Real Estate Finance programs, we asked Anthony about his experience:

How did you hear about the program, and why did you decide to attend?

I heard about it some time ago when looking online for study options. I am at a transition point in my career, moving from an executive construction leadership role, into a role focused on property development and investment, hence the fundamentals this course covered I felt would be of real benefit.

How would you describe the program’s value to someone who’s considering it?

As an introductory course for someone broadening their career into property and real estate development, it provides excellent value through solid coverage of the fundamentals, in a short timeframe. 

What impact has the program had on you since you attended?

It has expanded my knowledge and enabled me to take the initial steps in my transition in a more confident way. 

How was the online learning experience?

Very good. It’s certainly not the same as being in a room face to face, but Harvard managed the online delivery very well and enabled the course content to be delivered effectively, and also enabled good interaction amongst the students. 

Do you have any other comments to add about your experience?

It was a very positive experience, I enjoyed (albeit virtually) meeting the other students, and I look forward to doing further courses with Harvard in the future.