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About Me

I am a Supervisory Client Solutions Manager and Senior Project Manager with a technical background in Architecture who has a demonstrated history of working in the Federal Government and private sector industries; this includes working for internationally renowned architectural firms such as Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, Leo A Daly International, and the Sustainable Energy Software Startup, OPOWER, which Oracle acquired in 2014.

My Agency manages the most extensive portfolio of federally owned and leased building construction by the US Government.

I began my federal career as the first to lead and complete in-house architectural design work successfully after being selected by the Director and Chief Architect at that time to complete in-house architectural design work as the Lead Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Architecture, not done in over fifteen years. During my nearly thirteen-year government tenure, I have managed large complex lease construction projects with hierarchical federal agencies and overseen the architectural design of various Federally owned government buildings in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) areas.

The opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

Brandi Henderson

How did you hear about International Real Estate Strategies and Deal Negotiation, and why did you attend?

I heard of your extensive competitive Executive Programs from colleagues, so I have been monitoring courses of interest within the Graduate School of Design for some time. I chose the International Real Estate Strategies and Deal Negotiation course because I wanted to know from some of the best academics and real estate professionals in the world what the forecast was for other real estate sectors (including office space) for construction projects worldwide following the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to be made aware of this current and future climate in the private sector, nationally and internationally. I also deal with negotiations often in my line of work with General Contractors, the Lessor, and Federal clients, so I wanted to pick up strategies to improve those skills within my profession.

What impact has the program had on you since you attended?

The program helped me realize I could provide unique insight to domestic and international private sector real estate industries as someone who often works with large government construction contracts and projects. Being able to see both sides (government/private sector) works as an asset when considering property investment tactics.

Something that other participants have commented on is the connection that develops throughout the program. I’ve even heard there is an active WhatsApp group still. Talk to me about the participant community for this program.

Yes! I made fantastic friends there, and we still have a very active WhatsApp group today! We remain in touch, and a few of us are planning trips to visit one another soon. No longer a group, it’s become a family. My birthday fell early during the week of class, and everyone kindly celebrated my birthday with me while I was there; it was a magical experience, complete with a Birthday song.

What were your favorite parts of the program?

My favorite part of the program was completing the professors’ project team exercises with my class. It was a fully immersive experience of learning, exchanging, and problem-solving together on real-life issues presently impacting the world of real estate in all sectors. The professors’ positive energy was infectious. Their extensive knowledge base, coursework, case study materials, and presentations were intense, making it easy to bond with such a wonderful group of brilliant and enlightened people worldwide.

What surprised you most about your experience in the program?

I was surprised by the similarities in strategies when dealing with the Government and real estate versus the private sector.

Do you have any other comments you want to add?

Anyone who takes this class will learn, meet and discover much. They shall not be disappointed!