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About STOA

Founded in 1983 by C. C. Lee, AIA, LEED AP, STOA has developed a Holistic Design Approach to achieve a stable, healthy, balanced, peaceful, and harmonious relationship between the built environment and its natural surroundings.

CC Lee

President & CEO | STOA Architects

Program Interview

An alumni of our Advanced Management Development Program (Class of 2009), CC recently returned to the GSD for Building Future Cities: How to Go Net-Zero by 2030, our first open enrollment program explicitly focused on climate change. We asked him about his experiences through the decades with the GSD:

What first drew you to the GSD, and what keeps bringing you back?

I first enrolled in the AMDP in 2009, and found high-quality courses, a real global connection, diverse classmates, and stimulating learning topics. Ultimately, I found that the AMDP led me to feel rejuvenated within my work.

How would you describe Building Future Cities value to someone who’s considering it, and what impact has Building Future Cities had on you since you attended?

The environments people live in the future will be completely different from their current urban settings. Human behavior and lifestyle changes will impact the physical living environmental and energy use differently moving forward. This program has made me more conscious of the whole energy production and consumption cycle, causing me to reflect on my role in that cycle.

How do you think other executives would benefit from this program, and GSD executive education as a whole?

GSD Executive Education programs lead to personal knowledge expansion and the growth of our networks, also serving to inspire our inner search and build our spiritual strength.