Photo of Ikenna Udejiofor

Ikenna says about his work: “In my role, I effectuate the following functions:

  • Support ā€‹government and the wider public sector to manage their portfolio more efficiently and effectively, helping to deliver the finest public services and supporting the governmentā€™s priorities by unlocking surplus land for the administration’s priority focus areas in affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and encouraging economic growth.
  • Partner with agencies as property professionals and trusted advisors to bring innovation and solutions that position real estate as an enabler of business delivery.
  • Take a strategic portfolio approach to the non-specialist assets that are transferred to the agency from the government, through maximizing utilization and reducing costs, developing and delivering place-based strategies.
  • Deploy commercial property expertise in supplier negotiations to enhance value for Government and the taxpayer.
  • Deliver an effective and fully integrated corporate real estate service, including estates and facilities management.
  • Develop and share specialist asset management and commercial advisory services with agencies.
  • Improve the quality and transparency of data on the asset portfolio managed by Land Acquisition and Real Property to better inform asset management and commercial decision-making.”

Ikenna Udejiofor

Administrator | Prince Georgeā€™s County Government, Office of Central Services

Program Interview

Ikenna Udejiofor attendedĀ Affordable Housing: Principles for Changing Domestic and Global MarketsĀ in September 2022, having previously attendedĀ International Real Estate Strategies and Deal Negotation, andĀ Real Estate Finance Fundamentals. We spoke with him about his experiences and why he keeps returning to the GSD.

You recently took the first offering of Affordable Housing in-person. What was your biggest takeaway?

My biggest takeaway is that this program recognizes the intersectionality and has made it clear that solving the various submarketsā€™ housing crisis will be a marathon, not a sprint. The program sets out how we individually can utilize our current relationships, powers, and resources to their fullest extent, but for a significant step-change in delivery, the Public and Private sectors need to step up and play their part.

The program provides a comprehensive and urgent devolution of funding, priorities and powers, that recognizes the scale of the challenge many vibrant communities face on ā€˜genuine housing affordability ā€™.

I know that you have taken a few different programs with us in the past few years ā€“ what keeps you coming back?

Honestly, GSD has created an environment that permits participants the time to discuss issues which include real estate development, economic sustainability, and the role of the built environment, ask questions, and reach decisions that are fair and represent various voices.

The in-person experience at Cambridge was phenomenal, Harvard GSD offers a truly wonderful array of programs, and cohort assemblage, allows for personal pursuits, and the hospitality around Cambridge encourages people back. This is why I am all IN!