Headshot of Kristin Egan

Kristin Egan

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Program InterviewAMDP

Kristin Egan’s background is far from traditional. As a former competitive figure skater, she never completed an undergraduate program, instead leaning into her sporting passion to become a world-leading expert in the development and operations of ice sports facilities. 

  • “I initially applied to AMDP because, as an ice consultant, all of my clients were real estate developers. I always thought I worked in the ice rink industry, but in reality, I worked in the real estate industry. I wanted to speak their language, understand their priorities, and deliver outstanding projects that met the goals of both the sporting communities and the developers.”

Kristin dove headfirst into her coursework and soon realized that her experience extended far beyond the parameters of the sports world.

  • AMDP fast-tracked me into new opportunities. It helped me understand the true scope of my lifetime experience and how it can be applied to new industries. I joined the program hoping to enhance my ice rink consulting practice, and instead, I left that entire industry behind after 20-years to embark on completely new challenges.”

At AMDP, Kristin’s interest in technology, project management, and placemaking were nurtured. She built incredible bonds with many of her classmates, and received exposure to development and investment practices spanning across countless asset types and markets.

  • “I eventually landed on the concept of building tech-enabled senior living for the next generation of loved ones entering their golden years. By optimizing operations using technology and automation, and upending the traditional design and geographic placement of assisted living communities, I believe I can disrupt this market in a way that will benefit an entire generation. Not only would this not be possible without AMDP, I never would have even imagined it.”