Headshot of Maria Teresa Camodeca

Maria Teresa Camodeca

Innovation Project Manager

Following Presenting with Confidence, Maria posted these closing thoughts on LinkedIn:

Let your dreams shine, the world needs your energy.

I have always been very enthusiastic about TED Conferences talks. This is why I have always dreamed to be an inspiring speaker. Discovering the techniques and practicing in this course has sharpened my ability!

It has been a honor to study at Harvard GSD Executive Education and I am extremely grateful to my coaches Vanessa Gallo and Carmine Gallo, also a Harvard instructor, keynote speaker and author.

Through this out-of-the-box journey, shared with great professionals and entrepreneurs, I have been trained to be a confident communicator and speaker. New product ideas, radical innovations and visions, if not communicated as deserved, miss great chances. It is time to light them up and succeed until the end.

About Maria Teresa

Maria Teresa has an international background in Automotive and Consultancy. Born and raised in Italy, she spent five years of her career in Austria and Germany in Strategy and Sales roles with global automotive global leaders. Extremely passionate about Innovation, Maria Teresa is today part of the Innovation team and R&D department at Forvia’s North America Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, United States. 

Maria Teresa is also President and founder of Women&Allies, her company’s Employee Resource Group, which fosters gender equality through unique initiatives involving professional development, networking, and community outreach. 

A real estate property manager since she was 18, she faced multiple challenges that accelerated her personal and professional development. “Everyone of us faces different challenges, that can be easier or more difficult depending on the specific individual. Embrace your challenges and build the best version of yourself, every single day. Empower your peers and make sure that you are there to support them, whenever they need you.”

Maria Teresa holds a Dual Masters Degree in Engineering & Innovation from the University of Calabria in Italy and from the University of Applied Science in Wels, Upper Austria.