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About Me

Patrícia is a Principal Associate in CCA Law‘s Real Estate Department since 2021 when she started to collaborate with the firm. Her professional activity is focused on advising national and international clients in the field of real estate law, namely, legal assistance in property purchase and sale operations, from the initial negotiation phase and preparation of the respective contracts to monitoring the buying and selling acts; drafting and reviewing lease agreements and other forms of assigning property rights; registration and monitoring of local accommodation activities; carrying out legal due diligence on real estate assets; municipal licensing operations and advice on land registration monitorization.

Patrícia Carneiro

We recently caught up with Patricia following International Real Estate Strategies and Deal Negotiations, her first program with us.

You stated in the classroom that you signed up for the program in part, to develop your real estate negotiation skills and better protect your clients (real estate developers and investors) interests, especially in the era that we are living in. How do you feel as a real estate negotiator now?

After completing the program, I felt that I was effectively challenged during the exercises requested by the teacher and that I was provided with very useful tools to use as a real estate negotiator, both through the exercises carried out but also through the negotiation strategies and tips given by the teacher, whether from a factual or emotional point of view. Since I arrived at the office, I’ve had to sit in a meeting room discussing contracts for hours and I’ve applied various tips that I learned during the program, so without a doubt it has been and will be an incredible benefit to my work.

We often hear from participants that one of the appeals of learning at Harvard is the global cohort. This program specifically attracts participants from our AMDP program, our partnership with the International Real Estate Business School at the University of Regensburg in Germany, and individuals around the world. How was learning in this diverse global classroom?

It was incredible to have the opportunity to meet different people, from different countries, with different backgrounds, different ideas, different areas of practice but whose objective during the program was exactly the same for everyone, of course adapted to each person’s reality. I learned a lot, gained a lot of knowledge, and everyone exchanged a lot of useful ideas, which was also an added value to the program.

On LinkedIn, your firm noted that you attended this program “as part of CCA’s Accelerator Program – which aims to recognise excellence and provide the tools and support for a faster career progression”. Would you recommend this program to other lawyers seeking to advance in their real estate law careers?

Yes, without a doubt, when I arrived at the office the week after the program, I had the opportunity to explain to all my colleagues (the law firm where I work has about 105 lawyers in several practice areas) and show them, in detail, what I had learned during the program and how it applied to my area of practice, which is real estate. I would definitely recommend the program to any real estate lawyer, especially for the lessons learned in the area of negotiation, which are so important and preponderant in this field. The knowledge acquired is clearly invaluable.