Headshot of Paul Linet

Paul Linet

Founder & President | 3i HoME

Program Interview

Paul recently attended Affordable Housing: Principles for Changing Domestic and Global Markets. We caught up with him a month after the program to see why he chose to learn with us, and what impact the program had.

You and your organization have an incredible story. How would you describe your mission?

I want to create an environment where people without means can live independently, as opposed to the current model of warehousing and institutionalization. 61 million Americans live with a disability, and we must come up with a better model of housing them.

3i Housing of Maine’s mission is to create Independent community based living options for adults with disabilities through Innovative affordable housing and Integrated support services.

What sort of model are you proposing?

We have a project at The Downs, in Scarborough, Maine that is first-of-its-kind. Executing this project is at the confluence of housing, housing finance, and the excruciatingly complex set of rules and regulations dealing with public health benefits in the US. This is the supportive housing world – housing plus services. We are trying to design a new community that will change the paradigm for housing people with disabilities.

What did you find in the Affordable Housing program?

What I found through David Smith and his approach, as well as in my fellow participants, were kindred souls who understood this dynamic world, embraced it, and demonstrated a commitment based on shared aspects of humanity that transcend specific problems and jurisdictions. This program brought me together with brothers and sisters I didn’t know I have, and we are beginning to dialogue and network, and finding ways to assist one another to solve this enormous problem. It was a great environment to learn, share and continue the work.