Headshot of Tim Foote

Tim brings together his experience in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate Sales & Management to apply them in his own residential property development. He has just received approval on his first project, which has an end value of USD75m.

In Realty, Tim was recognized as one of Australia’s leading realtors (REB Australian Agent of the Year – Metro 2014), he specialized in selling prestige homes on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, Australia. In a 20-year career, Tim sold over $3 billion of residential real estate. In 2021, he recalibrated the prestige sector with the sale of Kurraba Rd for $60 million, more than double the previous highest sale. Tim has founded, grown and recently sold four realty businesses. Prior to realty, Tim worked for the Global Real Estate Developer, Lend Lease Corporation for 5 years, being accepted into their Graduate Programme from University. He worked on projects ranging from USD5m-1bn.

Tim has a first-class honors degree in Architecture from Sydney University and is married to his beautiful wife, Rebecca with four champion kids.

Tim Foote

Program Interview

Tim, a participant in our Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate (AMDP) recently attended Affordable Housing Principles for Changing Domestic and Global Markets. We caught up with him after the program to learn about his experience in the program.

As a member of the AMDP, you can choose from many different programs to fulfill your elective requirement. Why did you decide to attend this one?

I get the sense that Affordable Housing is a prescient issue across the Western world. It is definitely an issue where I’m from in Sydney, Australia. As a Developer, who has traditionally focused on Luxury Residential, I am keen to see if and how we can help assist the Affordable Housing issue as a for-profit enterprise.

The case study for the program was on Northern Saltivka, Ukraine. What was it like to redevelop this area in the program, and did you find it relevant to your understanding of affordable housing development?

I found the Northern Saltivka both incredibly engaging as well as helpful with my learning in the Affordable Housing space. It was so engaging because it’s so topical currently and helpful because it demonstrates many of the foundational principles are applicable across many markets, including ours.

We sometimes refer to David Smith as the “affordable housing guru”. Can you share details on David’s teaching style?

The thing that I liked most about David was his passion for Affordable Housing. This combined with his extensive knowledge and affable personality made the course really engaging and learning easy.

Past participants have described this course as teaching the language of affordable housing. Compare your understanding of affordable housing now with before you took the program.

My knowledge of Affordable Housing has definitely deepened because of the Course. It has also inspired me to really dig into this space and explore how to execute in our market.

Something that other participants have commented on is the connections that develops over the course of the. Talk to me about the participant community for this program.

I thought the class cohort was really valuable. There was clearly some people with deep knowledge in the area, while others, like me, who were keen to deepen their knowledge.