Headshot of Vince Nguyen

Vince Nguyen is an experienced international business strategist who is well connected and recognized in the Asia Pacific investment community. He has successfully bridged Asian investment capital to real estate development opportunities in California and Texas. He has represented numerous high-profile clients overseas including China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Some of his clients consist of members of the Royal Family, celebrities, professional athletes, fund managers, CEOs, real estate developers and institutional investors who value his expertise, integrity, and discretion. Currently, he manages a multi-million-dollar property portfolio.

Vince holds an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University and a Master of Science in International Real Estate from Florida International University.

Vince Nguyen

Program Interview

Vince, a participant in ourĀ Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate (AMDP)Ā recently attendedĀ Affordable HousingĀ Principles for Changing Domestic and Global Markets. We caught up with himĀ after the program to learn about his experience in the program.

Tell me about the learning experience in the program

Out of all the professors and classes that I have attended in the past, Professor Smith really stood out and was really impressive. He kept me engaged throughout the entire course with his knowledge of the subject and his ability to draw his students in with his content. Furthermore, he was able to make us all think critically about the subject.

I have dealt with market-rate housing more than affordable housing, so the case study of Northern Saltivka, Ukraine helped to expand my knowledge within this subject.

Overall, the program did an exceptional job in giving me unparalleled insights on how to successfully develop affordable housing projects.

Something that other participants have commented on is the connections that develops over the course of the program. Talk to me about the participant community for this program.

Everyone was at the same level in their career ā€“ so it was very easy to conduct discussions and move forward with the class ā€“ there was a synergy. Even in the short time that we had together during this course, I was able to connect with another student about his development in Vietnam.

People were very insightful; everyone was contributing valuable comments, and with a global group of students, everyone brought fresh, new perspectives to the issue. In this program, I was not just learning from the instructor, but learning from my peers as well.

The case study for the program was on Northern Saltivka, Ukraine. What was it like to redevelop this area in the program, and did you find it relevant to your understanding of affordable housing development?

Compared to a U.S. case, this case not only relevant, but challenging. The information presented was very timely, and coming up with solutions in the context of Northern Saltvika, Ukraine was much more difficult than it would have been in the US ā€“ so it really sharpened my understanding of how to develop these projects.