COVID-Safe Streets

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Cities across the US and around the world are remaking their streets and sidewalks in response to the challenges of COVID. Given all the competing pressures on our sidewalks‚ÄĒmore people walking and biking, socially-distanced outdoor dining, curbside pickup, and lines of shoppers‚ÄĒcommunities are responding by reclaiming parking lanes, driving lanes, and entire roadways from the automobile. Learn about the range of Tactical Urbanism techniques that are being applied to confront this crisis, and try your hand at applying them to a typical American downtown, while considering how you might then bring them to bear where you live and work.


Headshot of Jeff Speck

Jeff Speck FAICP, FCNU, LEED-AP, Honorary ASLA

Speck & Associates LLC

Headshot of George Proakis

George Proakis, AICP

Executive Director
Office of Strategic Planning & Community Development, Somerville, MA

COVID-Safe Streets