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Designing the Creative & Collaborative Workplace: Space, Technology, and Culture

A program to help creative teams redesign their physical and digital workplace and the way they work in a hybrid environment.

While many fields have acclimatized to hybrid ways of working, many creative industries, such as architecture, design, film, and game design, have encountered persistent challenges in making this transition.

In this course, informed by research on the modern creative workplace, we look at the unique spaces, technology, and culture shaping the creative workplace to help creative teams answer the question: “How will we redesign our workplace and the way we work?”

Divided into three modules — Spaces, Technology, and Culture — the course will use a scaffolded approach to provide participants, regardless of background, with the resources to take actionable steps towards transforming their creative workplaces and ensure a harmonious integration between their physical and digital workplace.

What to Expect

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Part 1, Spaces – Participants will explore the evolution and future of the physical workplace for creative teams – including hybrid and remote-first models – drawing upon their organizations and experiences to inform the discussion. Spoiler alert: one size does not fit all.

This discussion will be informed by research done by Jacob Reidel seeking to understand how architects have designed new ways of practicing in direct response to the upheaval of recent years.

Part 2, Technology – Participants will examine how technology changes how creative workplaces are designed, delivered, and operated. Of particular interest will be recent technologies that allow us to quantify and measure the performance of a design, enabling individuals and organizations to understand the impact of their spaces on their people, ultimately using these insights to make decisions about what to keep and what to change in their designs both in real-time and in the future.

Part 3, Culture – The way organizations work is as much designed as spaces and software. We will explore new ways companies can collaboratively engage and support their most valuable asset — their people. Participants will explore a range of creative workplace redesigns presented by the instructor team.

An overall emphasis will be placed on addressing the fact that while organizations spend significant time and energy considering their physical workplace, they rarely apply that same care and attention to their digital workplaces, which has major impacts on recruitment, retention, and creativity.

In each session, this program will seeks to address that imbalance and will equip you with tools and strategies to:

  • assess which workplace activities need to be in person — and which do not
  • design your physical and digital workplaces to integrate harmoniously
  • ensure that fostering creativity is at the forefront of your holistic workplace design 
  • Understand emerging best practices in physical workplace design for creative teams.
  • Explore the role that technology plays in creative workplace redesign and operations in both the design, delivery, and ongoing assessment of performance.
  • Understand the constellation of tools that enable increasingly beneficial redesign and recalibration of creative workplaces to workforce needs.
  • Learn proven practices for shaping and supporting the team of people that designs and continuously optimizes a high-performance, creative workplace.
  • Grasp which workplace activities need to be in person — and which do not, while ensuring a harmonious integration between physical and digital workplaces.

Anyone involved in shaping or learning from the workplaces of creative professionals, including but not limited to architects, former architects now running in-house design teams, professional designers, spatial designers, experiential designers, workplace strategists, in-house heads of real estate for large organizations, directors of space planning, in-house interior designers, and design education professionals.

The program is also relevant for individuals who shape the workplaces for professionals in music, publishing, film and video, crafts, visual arts, fashion, TV and radio, advertising, marketing, literature, game design, and the performing arts.


Headshot of Jacob Reidel

Jacob Reidel

Assistant Professor in Practice of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Headshot of Carly Totorelli

Carly Tortorelli

Director of Workplace Technology & Collaboration Success, Digital WorkplaceIntuitive at Intuitive

Designing the Creative & Collaborative Workplace: Space, Technology, and Culture

April 10, 12, & 15, 2024 | 11:00am – 1:00pm Eastern

Tuition:  $1,400
AMDP Elective Units: 1

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