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Net-Zero Cities by 2030: Smart City Lab

The current storm of climate and Covid disruption worldwide is forcing companies, cities, and countries to embrace 2030 as the net-zero target for carbon emissions. This program is designed for leading executives, investors and change leaders seeking rapid climate action and 10X results. Each session provides an engaged introduction to strategies, tools and leadership for bold climate innovation from leading experts, with an overall emphasis on how cities can leverage existing data sources to create digital twin cities and use their insights to help reach sustainable development goals.

The three sessions look at the newest developments in creating sustainable cities, with sessions focusing on (1) using big data, digital twins, and smart city labs for complex city-planning scenarios, (2) decoding sustainable development KPIs to meet climate-adaptation goals, and (3) scaling 10X frameshift financing across the full spectrum of impact and digital finance and unlocking the tools and techniques of 360 capital.

  • Be challenged into a new mindset and path forward that embraces 10X benchmarks in uniting climate action, innovation, and prosperity
  • Learn to utilize universal key performance indicators (KPIs) to decode innovation to transform future-oriented policies, evaluations, and decisions
  • Learn new best practices, tools, and forward-leaning leadership strategies to align markets, citizens and public policies towards resilient local, national and global sustainability goals and climate action
  • Examine, via case studies, facts and data, the impact of climate-adapted projects on cities and communities
  • Be introduced to frameshift finance, and equipped with key knowledge, tools, and resources to engage across the spectrum of impact and digital finance
  • Understand how to use current visualization technology to create a digital twin city, and generate breakthrough insights from data already being created by your city
  • Receive an introduction to the future of impact investing, including a look at how blockchain-based systems can help track ROI

CEOs, Directors, Managers, Urban Developers, City Planners, Builders, Architects, Elected Officials, and other urban stakeholders


Headshot of Mathis Grimstad

Mathis Grimstad

CEO, Owner, Stor-Oslo Eiendom

Headshot of Joel Mills

Joel Mills

CEO, Offshore Simulator Centre and Augment City

Guest Speakers

Kari A. Eik

Secretary General of the Organization for International Economic Relations, OIER and United Cities, the International Centre for Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Instructor Mathis Grimstad gives an overview of the program.

Instructor Joel Mills and Speaker Kari A. Eik show a smart city lab in action.

Participant Stories

Photo of Julian Castillo

Julián Castillo Holzheu

Architect | PRO

Photo of CC Lee

CC Lee

President & CEO | STOA Architects

Headshot of Esther Verkay

Esther Varkay

Architect – Project Manager | IFC (International Finance Corporation)

Net-Zero Cities by 2030: Smart City Lab