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Leading-Edge Proptech: Global Applications, Unicorn Startups, and Investment Ecosystems

Learn from global proptech ecosystems about innovative industry applications in the built environment, from financial to sales and automation.

A workshop that shares lessons from global proptech ecosystems to inform participants about innovative industry applications, from financial (asset valuation and project financing) to sales (cross-border virtual sales and the increasing use of AR/VR) and automation in the built environment (back-office operations and “smart systems”).

What to Expect

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Participants will explore the latest trends and successes in global proptech (real estate technology), emphasizing industry applications of leading-edge technologies.

The workshop will ignite discussions on the benefits to real estate professionals of real-time data and information and their role in providing that data. Those discussions will highlight both the positive and discomforting effects of technology solutions in the built environment.

With a bevy of successful “unicorn” proptech companies in world markets and venture capitalists focusing on proptech as an independent investment vertical, this workshop will educate you on the financial outlook of this growing global opportunity.

  • Explore the current state of proptech globally, with particular emphasis on successful applications in real estate ecosystems.
  • Conceptually understand how real estate technology impacts the built environment value chain.
  • Highlight the central role of real-time data, digitalization, and communication technologies affecting cross-border global fund flows.
  • Gain an understanding of how proptech-focused venture capital and startup ecosystems can help you build your next business.

Real estate developers, professionals, and investors of all types, including architects, designers, planners, and proptech professionals.

Entrepreneurs seeking to identify new proptech opportunities in specific markets.


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Tanvir Shah

Managing Director, The Partnerships

Leading-Edge Proptech: Global Applications, Unicorn Startups, and Investment Ecosystems

Planned for November 15, 2023, Postponed

Tuition:  $199

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