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Smart Buildings

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Learn about the digital technology and innovation that are changing the way we design, build, and use buildings forever. Create dynamic, responsive, and efficient spaces in which future generations will thrive. Everything in our buildings is, or soon will be, connected to the Internet. Explore how to build a networked intelligent building and how to take advantage of advanced analytics to increase its performance.

The way we learn has been rapidly altered by digital technologies. The fourth Industrial Revolution (or industry 4.0) is reshaping how business, institutions, and governments interact, collaborate, do business, and grow in a world full of economic, environmental, and social challenges. The real estate industry is scrambling to catch up with the digital revolution and technology era. “Smart Buildings” in itself is not a new term, but in today’s world it is taking on new meaning.

The buildings in which we work, live, learn, and play need to change accordingly in order to deliver productive, safe, secure, and energy-efficient spaces suited for today’s world. The time has come to incorporate the same digital capabilities that are changing our lives into our built environment, making for dynamic, responsive, and future-ready buildings.

A networked digital building is safe, secure, and can interact with its surrounding and occupants. These buildings can be personalized to the needs of each user. They are green, efficient, and cheaper to build and operate. The interaction of tenants with building systems and sensors provides a new paradigm through which we view our built environment. The greatest challenge we face is that the future is already here. Thus, our planning, design, construction, and building operations must quickly adapt to accommodate the changing possibilities and expectations.

The digital trends and lessons learned in this Smart Buildings program are grounded in a discussion around examples of real estate companies who have embraced digital technologies to help re-imagine their properties and deliver next-generation experiences and services to users/tenants.

After completing this program, participants will appreciate the transformation taking place and understand the impact of digital technology on design, construction, systems, lifecycle cost, environmental sustainability, and the future.

  • Learn about the digital capabilities that change how we think about real estate and impact how we design, build, and operate our future buildings.
  • Analyze operational considerations for the new built environment, with impact on cost, environment, quality, and user experiences.
  • Articulate the impact of Smart Buildings on process, design, and construction.
  • Learn how to create a digital transformation roadmap that will positively impact your future designs/buildings and increase your competitiveness in an increasingly digital world.

Architects, Analysts, Investors, Designers, Planners, Engineers, Contractors, Developers, Hoteliers, Landlords, Investors, Brokers, Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Retailers


Headshot of Rick Huijbregts

Rick Huijbregts

Principal, Oranje Consulting

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Bill MacGowan

Director, Smart Building Digitization, Cisco Canada

Smart Buildings