What’s Next? Design Thinking for a Post-COVID World

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Every competent business leader plans for the unexpected in both good times and bad. But the breathtaking speed of this crisis, compounded by its breadth and depth, has overwhelmed us all. It seems everything has come untetheredā€”there are no reliable benchmarks by which to navigate. All predictions about the economy in the coming year need to be rethought, and those handsomely bound strategic plans can be consigned to the shredder. This virtual workshop will examine the impact of COVID-19 on the design & construction industries, focusing on both short-term and long-term implications. It will also highlight emerging opportunities that will help establish new value propositions going forward.

The A|E|C industries are ripe for reinvention. We will identify where these industries have fallen behind, and how to formulate concrete strategies that will help you avoid ā€œrear view mirrorā€ thinking. We will discuss new opportunities in design and practice, client expectations, and anticipating where growth and innovation will occur in a post-COVID world.


Headshot of Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson, FAIA, LEED AP


What’s Next? Design Thinking for a Post-COVID World