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Assistant Professor, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Allen Joseph
Principal, Victoria Hagan Interiors
Hagan Victoria
Partner, Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLC
Brewer Gary L.
Principal, Heather Wells Inc.
Wells Heather
Managing Principal, KTGY Architecture + Planning
Gonzalez Manny
Managing Director, The Partnerships
Shah Tanvir
Professor in Residence of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Abalos Inaki
Director, Smart Building Digitization, Cisco Canada
MacGowan Bill
Professor of Art, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Abendroth Lisa Marie
Senior Vice President and Head of Global Real Estate, Iron Mountain
Abrams Sarah
Executive Director, Massachusetts State College Building Authority
Adelman Edward H.
Senior Fellow, Executive Education, Harvard Business School
Ager David
Principal, Andropogon Associates, Ltd.
Alminana Jose M.
Ruth and Frank Stanton Research Professor in Urban Policy and Planning, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor
Altshuler Alan A.
Director, Center for Courthouse Programs, General Services Administration
Andrukonis Robert L.
Director of Youth Programs and Policy, Nuestras Raíces
Angarita Diego
Lecturer in Architecture & Urban Planning and Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Apeseche Frank
Apgar Mahlon (Sandy)
Principal, Arkin Tilt Architects, Berkeley, CA
Arkin David
Research Associate, Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard University
Arrasate Maria Ignacia
John Shad Professor of Business Ethics, Harvard Business School
Badaracco Joseph L.
Partner and Co-Owner, BarlisWedlick Architects, LLC
Barlis Alan
Partner, Richards Barry Joyce & Partners
Barry John
Professor of Land Management, University of Reading
Baum Andrew
Kumagai Professor of Architectural Technology, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Bechthold Martin
CEO, Principal & Senior Coaching Partner, The Speech Improvement Company, Inc.
Becker Dennis
President/Senior Coaching Partner/Trainer, The Speech Improvement Company, Inc.
Becker Ethan
Executive Director, Design Corps
Bell Bryan
Partner and Global Head of Infrastructure, The Boston Consulting Group
Bell Kathryn
Director of the Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, The Federal Reserve Board
Belsky Eric
Adjunct Professor, Olin College
Ben-Ur Ela
Managing Principal, Business Growth Consulting, L.L.C.
Benezet Julie
Associate, MASS Design Group Ltd.
Benimana Christian
Associate Professor of Finance, Brandeis University
Bergstresser Daniel
CEO, Mapdwell LLC; CEO, MoDe LLC
Berlin Eduardo
Vice President, Building Industry Strategy & Relations, Autodesk, Inc.
Bernstein Phil
Extension Specialist / Faculty member, Michigan State University
Beyea Wayne
Senior Vice President, Related Companies
Boekenheide Mark
Executive Vice Chair and Clinical Director, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Bohan J. Stephen
Founding Principal, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Bohlin Peter Q.
Professor of Public Policy, and Director of Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School
Bohnet Iris
Thaddeus R. Beal Clinical Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Bordone Robert C.
President, ADA One, LLC
Bowen Irene L.
Professor of Sociology, New College of Florida
Brain David K.
Vice President & Director of Finance and Investment, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Briggs Mark E.
Associate Principal, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Bronski Matthew
Professor Adjunct, Yale School of Architecture; Principal, Turner Brooks Architects
Brooks Turner
Founder, buildingcommunityWORKSHOP
Brown Brent
Director of Global Real Estate, Bain & Company
Browning Chris
Managing Director and Global Economist, Wells Fargo
Bryson Jay
Partner, Dune Real Estate Partners
Buckley Cia
Butler Enterprises
Butler Deborah
Senior Fellow and Chairman, Department of Planning and Urban Form, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Carbonell Armando
Director Design & Strategy, The MEME
Cardenas Carlos
Director of Sustainable Development, Parsons
Carlson David J.
Principal, arquitectura911sc
Castillo Jose
President, The Cecil Group
Cecil Steven G.
Executive Chairman, Acropole Charagionis
Charagionis Theodore N.
Associate Principal, Bruner/Cott & Associates, Inc.
Cheng Lawrence K.
Chief Innovation Officer, Newton Public Schools
Chinosi Steve
Foreign Legal Consultant
Christian Joseph J.
Senior Research Manager, Harvard University Project Zero
Clapp Edward P.
Gerald M. McCue Professor in Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Cohen Preston Scott
Thomas Henry Carroll Ford Foundation Adjunct Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Collis David J.
Founder, Conover & Associates, LLC
Conover Donald E.
Research Associate, Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard University
Contreras Casado
Chief Commercial Officer, International WELL Building Institute
Cooper Jessica
Assistant Dean of Campus Design and Planning, Harvard University
Cooper Nazneen P.
Instructor, Boston Architectural College
Cote Paul
Associate Principal, Workplace Strategy, CANNONDESIGN
Craig David
Lecturer in Environmental Technology, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Craig Salmaan
President, Croxton Collaborative Architects
Croxton Randolph R.
President and CEO, The Associated Press
Curley Thomas
President and Managing Partner, Winn Companies
Curtis Lawrence H.
Founder, Cutler Anderson Architects
Cutler James
Director and Co-Founder, EdTechTeacher
Daccord Tom
Charles Dyer Norton Professor of Regional Planning and Urbanism, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Davis Diane E.
Director of Capital Projects at Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
Davis Howard W.
Harold M. Brierley Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Deighton John A.
Director of Campus Planning and Design at MIT
Delphenich Pamela
Mizuho Financial Group Professor of Finance, Harvard Business School
Desai Mihir A.
Associate Professor, The Illinois School of Architecture, University of Illinois
Deutsch Randall
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Doherty Gareth G.
Chief Development Officer, Massport
Doolin James
Principal at MainStreet Ventures
Douglas Camille
Partner of The Lionstone Group
Dubrowski Daniel R.
Founder of DEGW
Duffy Francis
Healthcare Access Specialist | MacNeely Architects inc.
Dunlap Kaylan
Senior Partner, Eck | MacNeely Architects inc.
Eck Jeremiah
Head of New Voodou - Consulting firm
Egan Nancy
FAIA, RIBA; Founding Partner, Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects
Ehrlich Steven
Senior Associate in Sasaki Associates
Elbaum Meredith S.
Elliott + Elliott Architecture
Elliott Matthew
Assistant Dean for Information Technology, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Ervin Stephen M.
Partner, Estes/Twombly Architects, Inc.
Estes James
Founder and President, Calandev LLC
Fahmy Sarwat Sabat
Senior Project Manager in Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.
Farrington Erik
Founding Principal, GB Farris Strategies Inc.
Farris Gayle
Feiner Edward A.
Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Feldman Roberta
Landscape Ecologist, Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Fettes Anthony
Former Director of Libraries, Cambridge Public Library
Flannery Susan M.
Lake|Flato Architects
Flato Ted
Executive Director, Institute for Human-Centered Design
Fletcher Valerie
Expense Management Solutuions, Inc.
Flynn Michele
Professor of Urban Planning, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Forsyth Ann
UPS Foundation Professor of Service Management, and Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education, Harvard Business School
Frei Frances X.
Principal, Sasaki Associates
Galehouse Richard
Managing Partner, Center for Leading Organizations
Galford Robert
Author and President, Gallo Communications Group
Gallo Carmine
Executive Communication Coach, Gallo Communications Group
Gallo Vanessa
Research Director, Harvard University Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure
Georgoulias Andreas
Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School; Founder, Areté Capital
Gerardo Lietz
President, Gibbs Planning Group, Inc.
Gibbs Robert J.
CFO & COO / Managing Partner, McKafka Development Group
Gietl Stephan
Adjunct Professor of Business, Columbia Business School
Giliberto Michael
Steven R. Fenster Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Gilson Stuart C.
Principal Research Associate in Architecture, School of Architecture and Planning, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Goethert Reinhard K.
CEO, Bioengineering Group
Goldsmith Wendi
Lecturer, Center for Real Estate, MIT
Gordon Christopher M.
Alexander Gorlin Architects
Gorlin Alexander
VP Planning & Urban Design, Erdman Development Group
Grabowski-Miller Jane
Director, Darien Library
Gray Alan Kirk
Associate Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Grotzer Tina
Special Program Instructor, Harvard University Division of Continuing Education
Habib Mohsin
Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Hagiu Andrei
Affiliated Professor of Strategy, HEC Paris
Hallowell Roger
Principal, Qroe Farm Preservation Development
Hamilton David
Principal, Frank Harmon Architect
Harmon Frank
Principal, Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Havens Greg
Principal, Ann Beha Associates, Inc.
Hawkes Pamela W.
Co-Founder and Partner, Street-Works, LLC
Heapes Richard
Hecker Design, LLC
Hecker Bill
Managing Director, Harvard University Office for Sustainability
Henriksen Heather A
Urban Planner and Principal, Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Hensold Brie
Managing Director, Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University
Herbert Christopher
Founder & President, Indigo Centers
Higgins Jeffrey W.
Principal Emeritus, Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Hirzel David
President/Co-Managing Partner, CBRE/New England
Hoar Andy
Senior Director, IPD-MSCI, Inc.
Hobbs Peter
Principal, Tappé Associates
Hoover Jeffrey M.
Associate, Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Horne Chris
Principal, Ann Beha Architects
Hotaling Thomas M.
Principal, Team Better Block LLC
Howard Andrew C.
Principal, Oranje Consulting
Huijbregts Rick
Principal & Founder, Hutker Architects
Hutker Mark A.
CEO and Managing Partner, Boston Global Investors
Hynes John B.
Partner, EA Buildings
Ibarra Diego
Michael G. Imber Architects
Imber Michael G.
United States District Court
Irwin Jay R.
School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jakubiec John Alston
Director of Historic Preservation, Shawmut Design and Construction
Jay Carl
Vice President, AHA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Jensen Kevin T.
Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
John Leslie K.
Director of Development, DivcoWest Real Estate Investments
Johnson Mark
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.
Johnson Matthew H.
Principal, Rick Joy Architects
Joy Rick
Professor of Real Estate, University of Regensburg
Just Tobias
CEO and Principal, Leyland Alliance
Kaufman Howard
Frank Backus Williams Professor of Urban Planning and Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Kayden Jerold
President, DSK | Dewing Schmid Kearns; Expert in Residence, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Kearns Thomas D.
Managing Director for Strategic Consulting, Buro Happold Ltd.
Kelly Padraic
Principal, Green Coast Enterprises
Kelso Jr. Alexander
Principal, Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Kenney Daniel R.
Director, Goulston & Storrs
Kiefer Matthew J.
Founder, Space Command
Kilkelly Michael
Partner, Ike Kligerman Barkley
Kligerman Thomas A.
Principal, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Knack-Brown Susan
Chairman, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, PC
Kohn A. Eugene
Senior Vice President, Regional Manager, Boston Properties
Koop Bryan J.
Shorts Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
Korn Jonathan
Clinical Director, Emergency Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Kosowsky Joshua M.
Allan D. Kotin & Associates
Kotin Allan D.
Professor in Practice of Urban Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Krieger Alex
Project Manager, AMA Project Management Inc.
Kuo Samuel
Manager of Planning, Programming and Design, Massachusetts Court System
L'Heureux Richard
Co-Artistic Director, Redmoon
Lasko Jim
Senior Knowledge Analyst-People & Organization Practice, The Boston Consulting Group
Latshaw William
President, Law & Associates
Law Linda
Director, Environmental and Economic Consulting
LeBlanc Alice
Principal, Leers, Weinzapfel Associates
Leers Andrea P.
Principal, Easy Access to Health, LLC
Leibrock Cynthia A.
Lead Trainer, National Charrette Institute
Lennertz Bill
Principal, Jonathan Levi Architects
Levi Jonathan
Global COO and CFO, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing
Levy Michael
Executive Managing Director, CBRE Capital Markets
Levy Spencer
CEO/Managing Partner, McKafka Development Group
Levy Hara Fernando
Special Program Instructor, Division of Continuing Education, Harvard University
Livingston Kathrine S.
Principal, Frank Locker Educational Planning
Locker Frank
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Lockley Steven W.
Director, Center for Real Estate Law
Lou Jianbo
Chief Executive Officer, MGPA
Luccioni Laurent
Head of Global Real Estate, UBS Global Asset Management
Lynch Matthew
Partner, MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Limited
Lyons Brian Mackay
Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Macomber John D.
Director, Sustainability and Engineering, The University of British Columbia
Madden John P.
Senior Director Client Strategy, Control Group
Maki Jeff
President, BuildingGreen, Inc
Malin Nadav
Professor of Architectural Technology, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; Founding Director, Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities
Malkawi Ali
Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Marchant Edward
Principal, MDA designgroup
Martin Elisabeth
Global Lead - Innovation & Sustainability, Knowledge, Learning & Innovation Office, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Martins Miguel J.
President, AMA Project Management Inc.
Mason Anthony
Mark J. Mazz, AIA, LLC
Mazz Mark
Director, Office of Technical and Information Services, U.S. Access Board
Mazz Marsha K.
Principal, McConnell+Partners Architects Inc.; Adjunct Professor of American Architectural History, Boston College
McConnell John
Chairman and CEO, McGuire Associates, Inc.
McGuire Kevin G.
Senior Planner, Boston Redevelopment Authority
Mercurio Marie
Principal, Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Merrill Fred
Professor of Finance, Boston University School of Management
Michel Allen
Senior Vice President, Design and Construction, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Miller John H.
Project Manager, DSK (or Kao Design Group)
Milner Sky
Managing Principal, Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Miner James N.
Founder and President, MINCO Corporation
Minicucci Louis
Deputy Commissioner, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Minnis Elizabeth
Associate Professor of Architecture and Energy, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Moe Kiel K.
Senior Vice President and Global Director of Hospitality, HOK
Monk Julia
Global Head of Strategy for CBRE Global Investors
Morrison David
Director, Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium
Morrison III Hunter
Executive Director, New Bedford Economic Development Council
Morrissey Matthew
Dean, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Mostafavi Mohsen
Mouzon Design
Mouzon Steve
Professor, University of Denver, Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management
Mueller Glenn R.
Associate Professor of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Mulligan Mark
Chief Investment Officer, Metropolitan Properties of America, Inc.
Mun Wynne
Principal and Co-Founder, Intelligent Buildings, LLC
Murchison Rob
Associate Professor in Practice of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Nakazawa Paul W.
Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Nanda Ashish
Senior Partner, TMP Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Noce Richard S.
Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy, Harvard University
Nocera Daniel G.
Managing Director, CoStar Portfolio Strategy
Nordby Hans
Director, UPSTATE: Center for Design, Research, and Real Estate, Syracuse University
Norman Marc
Principal, VisorPoint
O'Connor Joe
Partner & COO, Control Group, Inc.
O'Donnell Colin
Senior Advisor to U.S. Secretary for Housing and Urban Development
Ovink Henk W.J.
Associate Professor of Architecture, Portland State University
Palleroni Sergio
Principal, Sasaki Associates
Parsons Philip
Brigham and Womens Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Patel Ronak B.
Managing Principal, Marjanne Pearson Associates
Pearson Marjanne
Pedersen Martin C.
Michael D. Spear Professor of Real Estate Development, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Peiser Richard
Associate Professor, Mississippi State University
Perkes David
Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr. Research Professor of Teaching & Learning, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Perkins David
President, Emergent Development Company; President and CEO, Architekton Resources, LLC
Peters Michael H.
Founder and President, Public Architecture
Peterson John
President, Mary Jo Peterson, Inc.
Peterson Mary Jo
Principal, April Philips Design Works, San Rafael, CA
Philips April
Chief Executive Officer, Urban Land Institute
Phillips Patrick L.
Principal, Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Pieprz Dennis
Professor of Design Technology and Management, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Pollalis Spiro
Principal, Moule & Polyzoides Architects
Polyzoides Stefanos
US District Judge, District of MA, Western Division
Ponsor Michael A.
Class of 1961 Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship, Emeritus, Harvard Business School
Poorvu William J.
Senior Manager, Facilities Information and Technology Services, The Ohio State University
Porostosky Joseph
Executive Director, National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries
Poutasse Douglas M.
Chief Planner, City of Somerville
Proakis George
Senior Manager of Planning, Judicial Council of California
Quinn Kelly
PhD candidate, School of Architecture + Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rakha Tarek
Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Ramarajan Lakshmi
Greenhouse Director/Founding Member, Lufa Farms, Montreal, Quebec
Rathmell Lauren
Specification Engineer, OSRAM SYLVANIA
Rattray Richard
Managing Partner, Post+Beam
Ravosa Gina
Principal, William Rawn Associates, Architects, Inc.
Rawn William L.
Principal, Regenesis Group, Inc.; President, Integrative Design Collaborative
Reed Bill
Executive Director of the PK-12 Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Reich Justin
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Reinhart Christoph
Richard Renner Architects
Renner Richard K.
Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Retsinas Nicolas P.
Co-founder and COO, MASS Design Group Ltd.
Ricks Alan
President, RiddellTseng
Riddell Malcolm
Co-founder, High Tech High
Riordan Rob
President and Principal Consultant in Ripman Lighting Consultants
Ripman Christopher H.
J.L. Constant Distinguished Professor, Architecture, University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design and Planning
Rockhill Dan
Research Associate and Program Administrator, Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard University
Rodriguez Judith
Principal, Peter Rose + Partners
Rose Peter
Director of Engineering
Rosenbaum Marc
Raymond Garbe Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Rowe Peter G.
Global Product Lead, IFC Housing Finance Advisory Services
Roy Friedemann
Project Manager, Harvard University Project Zero
Ryan Jennifer Oxman
Martin and Margy Meyerson Professor Emeritus of Urbanism, University of Pennsylvania School of Design
Rybczynski Witold
Tutor de Doctorado, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
Salas Hermilo
Managing Director & CIO, Henderson Global Investors
Sales Michael
Assistant Professor of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Samuelson Holly W.
Director of the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice, Oxford Brookes University
Sanderson David
Dean, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT
Sarkis Hashim
Principal at Nelson\Nygaard
Schrieber Jason
Lecturer, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Schuck Gloria
Poorvu Family Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School
Segel Arthur I.
Principal, Inside Inc.
Shannon Gayla Jett
Chief Planner at Boston Redevelopment Authority
Shen Kairos
Chief Architect at General Services Administration
Shepherd Leslie
Partner, OMA; Design Critic in Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Shigematsu Shohei
Principal, Shook Kelley, Inc.
Shook Terry
Allan Shope Architect
Shope Allan
Senior Consultant, DEGW North America
Simeti Antonina
Partner, Centerbrook Architects and Planners
Simon Mark
Senior Principal, Greenway Group
Simpson Scott
Director of Digital Practice, Astorino
Skripac Brian P.
Founder and CEO, Affordable Housing Institute (AHI)
Smith David A.
Director of Project Management, Delos
Smith Peter B.
Senior Mediator and Director of Workable Peace, Consensus Building Institute
Smith Stacie Nicole
President & CEO, PlaceMatters
Snyder Ken
Principal, Speck & Associates LLC
Speck Jeff
Founder of Development and General Contracting Company, Orange Splot LLC
Spevak Eli
Founder / CEO, Steiner + Associates
Steiner Yaromir
Founder, New Vista Design
Stephen David
Principal at Leers Weinzapfel Associateson
Stevenson Josiah
Robert and Lois Orchard Professor in the History of Landscape Development, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Stilgoe John R.
Owner/Principal of Stephen Stimson Associates
Stimson Stephen C.
Lecturer in Housing Studies, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Stockard James G.
Joseph Flom Professor of Law and Business, Harvard Law School / Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law, Harvard Business School
Subramanian Guhan
City Manager, City of University Place
Sugg Steven
Principal-in-Charge in Szostak Design, Inc.
Szostak Philip
Managing Partner & Director of Town Planning, Duany Plater Zyberk
Tachieva Galina
Principal, Tappé Associates
Tappe A. Anthony
CEO, Evan Terry Associates, P.C.
Terry James L.E.
Senior Associate, Education Practice Leader, Gensler
Thaler Mark
President of Natural Hazard Mitigation Association
Thomas Edward A.
Professor in Practice of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Thompson Maryann
Lecturer, Urban Planning and Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Torto Raymond G.
Managing Partner, Architects of Group Genius; Research Fellow, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Travaglini Maurizio
Chairman and CEO of Easternflair Investment and Development
Tse Stones
Paul R. Lawrence MBA Class of 1942 Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Tushman Michael L.
Partner, Estes/Twombly Architects, Inc.
Twombly Peter
CEO and Founder, Envirosell
Underhill Paco
Douglas VanderHorn Architects
VanderHorn Douglas
TDirector / Senior Architect, UNStudio
Veddeler Christian
Director of Intelligent Communities for Waterfront Toronto
Verner Kristina
President of Institute for International Urban Development
Vigier Francois
Adjunct Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College
Vogel Jr. John H.
Associate in Ripman Lighting Consultants
Walsh Charlie
Principal in Affiliated Engineers, Inc.
Walters Mike
Associate Professor in Practice of Real Estate and the Built Environment, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Wang Bing
Managing Director, Bain Capital
Ward Michael
Associate Vice President for Training and Development, Finelite
Ward Tom
Partner in The Exetor Group
Warshauer Susan
Principal, EarthRise design
Watson Donald
President of Shepley Bulfinch
Wedge Carole C.
Founder and Co-Owner, BarlisWedlick Architects, LLC
Wedlick Dennis
Vice President for Real Estate, Planning & Development
Weinstein Charles
Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wheaton William C.
Vice President Research, Analytics & Technology
Whelan Julie
Founder and President, Real Capital Analytics, Inc.
White Robert
Head of School, The Carroll School
Wilkins Steve
Staff II - Building Technology, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.
Williams Casey C.
Director, Center for Sustainable Development in School of Architecture
Wilson Barbara Brown
Architect, Carol A. Wilson Architect
Wilson Carol
Director, Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Wilson Daniel Gray
President of Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
Winter Steven
Disability Rights Attorney
Wodatch John
District Judge of US District Court of Massachusetts
Woodlock Douglas P.
Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Wu Charles F.
Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum
Zacharilla Lou
D.Arch., FAIA, FACHA, Frank Zilm & Associates Inc.
Zilm Frank
Senior Associate at Sasaki Associates Inc.
Zogran Martin
Principal and President, Hacin + Associates
Hacin David
Principal, Utile
LeBlanc Michael
Author and Professor, Vanderbilt University
Murphy Kevin
Director, Shepley Bulfinch
Slarsky Scott
Architecture, Shepley Bulfinch
Wortley Chris
Director of Architecture, Caruso
Williams Dave
Former Chief Operating Officer of Global Retail, Cushman & Wakefield
Winn Matt
CEO, Sizemore Group
de St. Aubin William
Chairman, Thomas Consultants Inc.
Executive Director, Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO)
Principal Consultant, The Sextant Group

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