Headshot of Lan Mi

About Lan

“I moved to Boston from China about 15 years ago. Prior to that, I worked in China and Australia for a US consulting firm called “Accenture” for 4 years. Now I own a boutique real estate brokerage and a small real estate investment business in Boston.

With prior expertise in quality control, software, finance, and now real estate, I am driven by a passion to identify and invest in hyper-local properties and/or interdisciplinary fields that not only offer conventional investment returns by addressing systemic or infrastructural voids but also possess the potential for asymmetric returns.”

Lan Mi

We recently caught up with Lan after she completed our online programs on real estate development and real estate finance to hear her perspective on the programs .

As a real estate entrepreneur, why did you choose to step back andtake programs in real estate development and finance?

I encountered a real estate project that was significantly larger and more complex than my previous experiences in residential and small commercial deals. It’s obvious that I need to rapidly expand my knowledge in real estate development and finance. Harvard has a reputation of thinking big, so I was naturally drawn to these programs for direction. 

You have taken programs with us on campus and online. How would you describe each of these learning methods for someone considering which is best for them?

The on-campus format offers excellent opportunities for face-to-face interactions and networking, which I found invaluable. However, one limitation is that you can’t rewind or review what’s been discussed in real-time, especially when the program is short, it’s difficult to remember who’s who. The online program feels more manageable than the in-person version, with more time to absorb the material. Both methods have their unique benefits, and I found each to be very helpful in different ways.

You signed up for Real Estate Development 101 first, and then chose to continue to Real Estate Finance 101. Why did you choose to take both programs?

How many high rises can you build without leverage? Real estate development is a field that heavily relies on capital, making finance a crucial element in any successful real estate project. Understanding the financial aspects is essential to navigate the complexities of development effectively. Furthermore, I believe that entrepreneurial mindset and legal knowledge are also key to success in this industry.

David Smith taught both Real Estate Development 101 and Real Estate Finance 101. How did David contribute to your learning?

Taking David Smith’s courses was like diving into a treasure trove of real estate wisdom. During those moments of confusion and disorientation, have you ever longed for a coach capable of demystifying complex ideas, making them as accessible and easy to understand as the fundamentals? David is precisely that kind of expert. Each session was a delightful mix of serious learning and magical ‘aha’ moments. If you’re stuck and/or looking to find a hidden road map to your real estate success, then Enroll Now in both courses, to fully appreciate the cascade of wisdom that David spills. Do it now and thank yourself later:)