Real Estate

Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate

Design Complex Solutions, Discover Unforeseen Insights

At Harvard GSD Executive Education, industry and academia's foremost leaders join with accomplished design and real estate professionals from around the world. In this setting, complex cross-disciplinary challenges are addressed and innovative solutions are created. In our dynamic learning environment, you emerge with practical insights and valuable lessons that can be put into action, right away. You will return to your career...

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Find, Create, Operate: The Hotel Project Development Lifecycle

Program Description

In 2022, architects are earning 50% of their fees from renovation work. While this is a new peak in growth in the overall building industry, both renovation and new construction have been always been integral to the hospitality industry. The need for hotel retrofits, repositioning, restorations, and capital renovations are underscored during recovery from a major industry interruption such as a pandemic, natural disaster, or financial crisis.

Aimed at helping developers and architects...

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Healthy Buildings

Program Description

The green building movement is quickly becoming the healthy building movement, leaving many questions for the market that this course will answer. What is a healthy building, anyway? What is the evidence that healthy buildings boost human performance? How do you define, measure, and track productivity and performance? The green building movement had certification systems like LEED and BREEAM – what are current Healthy Building certification systems and...

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Real Estate Data for Investors

Program Description

Commercial real estate investment professionals are called to make wise decisions, yet we’re awash in often meaningless and contradictory information that passes for “data”. This program series will help you form an integrated perspective that galvanizes investor interest and enables action and most importantly, better results.



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Real Estate Finance Fundamentals

Program Description

This short program will present critical "nuts-and-bolts" real estate finance principles and practices in a simple, understandable, and interactive manner that will demystify the real estate financing process—regardless of participants’ prior real estate finance experience. We will focus on real estate finance fundamentals that are important to either develop and/or invest in varied types of real estate assets, or to enhance your ability to understand how real estate finance fundamentals relate to your...

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Reimagining Retail: Seizing Opportunities on Main Street and in Ecommerce

Program Description

At no time in history has retailing or, more precisely, the act of acquiring goods, services and experiences—been in more transformative times. For centuries, the retail experience has evolved to meet the needs of the public. And, from the time of the ancient marketplaces to the emergence of Medieval market towns, to High Streets, to Main Streets, shopping malls and modern-day mixed-use complexes all such commerce was the province of an analog world. In recent years this paradigm, grounded in a reality of touch, smell, temperature, varying light and...

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Smart Buildings

Program Description

Learn about the digital technology and innovation that are changing the way we design, build, and use buildings forever. Create dynamic, responsive, and efficient spaces in which future generations will thrive. Everything in our buildings is, or soon will be, connected to the Internet. Explore how to build a networked intelligent building and how to take advantage of advanced analytics to increase its performance.

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Using Data to Design Your Workplace: Offices, Technology, and People

Prior to the unprecedented disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, a range of forces including changing workforce practices and expectations, advances in technology, and mass adoption of data analytics, were already transforming the design and operation of the workplace. In this course, we look at how these trends have been accelerated by the pandemic, and help you answer the question: “How will we redesign our workplace and employee experience?”

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